Chapter Governor-elect

Congratulations to the Central America Chapter Governor-elect (GE), José Luis Francéschi Diaz, MD, FACP. Our new GE will complete a year of training and then will start his four-year term as Governor in the Spring of 2024. As Governor, Dr. Francéschi Diaz will serve as the official representative of the College for the Central America Chapter, providing a link between members at the local level and leadership at the national level. In the meantime, Dr. Francéschi Diaz will be working closely with Dr. Ulloa Isaza (the current governor) and College staff to learn about the College and his duties as Governor. To learn more about the new GE, read his bio below.

José Luis Francéschi Diaz, MD, FACP 

Medical School Education: School of Medicine, University of Panama

Post-Doctoral Training: Internal Medicine, Hematology

Certification: Internal Medicine; Hematology; Bone Marrow Transplant

Present Position: Chairman and Medical Director, Centro Hemato Oncologico Panama

ACP Chapter and Leadership Activities: Diversity and Equity Commission; Council Member; Organizer Committee, Chapter Meeting; Laureate Award 2019

ACP National Activities: Fellowship 2009

Other Appointments/Activities: President, Panamanian Society of Internal Medicine; President, National Drugs and Medicaments Committee; Webinars for Patients, Different Topics; Webinars for Physicians, Different Topics; Medical Director, Centro Hemato Oncologico Panama; President, Humanized Medical Attention Committee, National Cancer Institute; Unit Chief, Bone Marrow Transplant, National Cancer Institute; Telemedicine Committee, National Cancer Institute; Hospital Cancer Registry, National Cancer Institute; Clinical Professor of Semiology, University of Panama; American Society of Hematology; American Society of Bone Marrow Transplantation

Areas of Professional Interest and Expertise: Bone Marrow Transplant (expertise); Evidence Based Medicine (interest); Lymphomas and Myelomas