Quebec Governor's Newsletter January 2024

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Isabelle Hébert, MD, FRCPC, FACP, ACP Governor


Hi everyone!

In 2023, we have been able, at last, to resume our regular activities without constantly having a mask on our face! We were again able to meet in person and have fun! Isolation created by the pandemic was over.


The joint Annual Meetings of the CSIM-ASMIQ-ACP Quebec Chapter last October in Quebec City was a great occasion to reunite with friends and colleagues and network at the Quebec Chapter “Happy Hour”. Our ACP Ambassador this year, Dr. Luc Lanthier, was delighted to participate and presented an excellent talk on the 5 top papers of the year. I hope to see you again at the ASMIQ meeting next June! The ACP Quebec Chapter will be there also!

Wishing you a happy new year, good health and joy!




The members of our Chapter Council were asked “What do you like the most about ACP?”


Dr. Isabelle Hébert: The ACP promotes diversity, equity, inclusion, better access to healthcare, excellence, professionalism and physician wellbeing, so I'm recognizing myself in it.

I also get access to a lot of personal and professional internal medicine resources, being able to give patients the best care they should have. The ACP also provides great opportunities to network with other internists from different regions and countries, expanding our human experiences!


Dr. Bert Govig: The ACP is convenient and extremely useful for their meetings, their educational content and programs. But, what I most love about the ACP is the social consciousness of the organization and their drive to help create more humane, and higher quality health care practices and systems. In truth, this is the aim of most medical societies, but the diversity of the ACP membership makes for particularly interesting exchanges.


Dr. Nadine Lahoud: As an internist, I love being an ACP member because the ACP has so much to offer in the field of education but also because I appreciate its commitment to the causes that are close to my heart such as the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion. Our specialty needs strong organizations such as the ACP to speak on its behalf.


Dr. Linda Snell: The ACP provides an opportunity to keep up to date, explore how care is provided in other contexts, and connect with colleagues.


Dr. Donald Echenberg: What I like the most about ACP? The excellent CPD products available, such as the Annals of Internal Medicine, Journal Club, Journal Wise, and the annual conference. The ACP also gives us the chance to meet members and Fellows across America and other countries at the annual meetings (and when I was Governor). I also enjoy having a bilingual ACP Chapter in Quebec.


Dr. Amal Bessissow: The ACP allows you to meet internists from across the province, the country and the world. This diversity is enriching!”


Dr. Elie Zeidan: The ACP is supporting its members by being a reliable medical source of knowledge.


Dr. Sarah Zakani: As a new practicing internist, I am delighted to join a motivated team on the ACP Quebec chapter! I am thrilled to help out in reaching more internists so they can join the ACP as it is an incredible source of knowledge and resources. I am eager to meet people that are working towards the same objective and have at heart the education of patients and physicians to help provide the best care we can.





Boston, MA | April 18-20, 2024 
Pre-Courses: April 16-17
Register BY JANUARY 31ST and SAVE with early bird rates!

Click today for details!


Boston – during the ACP IM Meeting
Friday, April 19, 2024
Details TBA!


Vasculite : imagerie diagnostique et traitements autres que les corticostéroïdes
Dr. Jean-Paul Makhzoum, Montreal, QC
April 3, 2024 | 12:00-1:00pm Eastern Time
Information and Registration (presented in French only)

Dyslipidémie: êtes-vous vraiment à jour?
Dr. George Thanassoulis, Montreal, QC
April 23, 2024 | 1:00-2:00pm Eastern Time
Information and Registration (presented in French only)

For a list of the English virtual workshops, click here .Free registration for members!

The ACP Ontario Chapter's 2024 Annual Meeting will be held during the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine
October 16-19, 2024
Hamilton, ON





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  • Naim Afeich - Medical Student Member 
  • Adnane Alaoui Ismaili - Medical Student Member
  • Ahmad Alenezi, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Abla Alj, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Jad Alkass, MDCM - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Juliette Alston, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Rami Attari - Medical Student Member
  • Youssef Baati, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Renata Bahous, MD PhD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Alexandre Beaulac, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Juliette Beaulieu, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Audrey Beaumier, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Vincent Beland, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Rania Bellouettar, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Assem Boucenna - Medical Student Member
  • Isabelle Bureau, MD - Member
  • Marineh Carapetian - Affiliate
  • Dominique Chabot - Medical Student Member
  • Ann-Sophie Czech, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Sara Degrace, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Ploa Desforges, MD - Member
  • Victoria Di Quinzio, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Talia Dufault, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Marie-Louise Dupuis - Medical Student Member
  • Myriam Elraheb, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Marie Claude Fortin, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Cyril Gagnon - Medical Student Member
  • Johanie Gingras - Medical Student Member
  • Meredith Gosselin, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Penelope Haguette, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Meriem Hammache - Medical Student Member
  • Patrick Hanna, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Souhir Hendis, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Jonathan Houle, MDCM - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Tzvetena Hristova, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Andrei Lucian Ionescu, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Hajare Iraqi, MDCM - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Jasmine Janeiro - Medical Student Member
  • Sarah Kadi - Medical Student Member
  • Daniel Kaufman, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Marwan Khodr, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Jean-Marc Lalande, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Marie-Sophie Lambert - Affiliate
  • Charlie Li Lamoureux, MD PharmD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Charles-Antoine Langlais, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Guillaume Lavoie, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Hugo Leprohon, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Melanie Leroux, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Milagros Lopez, MD - Medical Student Member
  • Nour A Marafie, BMBch MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Nathan Marcoux, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Sophie Marsolais, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Stefanie Mongrain, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Carina Muresan, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Gabriel Nadeau, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Yoko Nishizawa - Member
  • Sarah-Kim Normandeau - Medical Student Member
  • Constantinos D Noutsios, MDCM - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Mitchell S Pantel, MDCM - Physician Affiliate
  • Beatrice Paradis, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Philippe Perusse, MD - Member
  • Victor Polins Pedro, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Alisa Poullet, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Laura Catherine Proulx, MD PharmD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Chakib YAHIA Rekkabi, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Maude Rheaume, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Carolane Rioux, MD - Member
  • Mario Romero Castro, MD - Member
  • Anne Sarah Sahin - Medical Student Member
  • Gorgin Salami, MD - Physician Affiliate
  • Tristan Samson-Roy, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Catherine St-Louis, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Alexandre Suhani - Medical Student Member
  • Sarah A Sutherland - Medical Student Member
  • Jean-Francois Tourigny, MD PharmD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Elodie Tremblay, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Florence Vielhaber - Medical Student Member
  • Christine Vu, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Qing Yin Wang, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Weixiang Yan, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Somaya Zahran, MD PhD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Elie Zeidan, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Karima Zerrouki - Medical Student Member
  • Kyle Zullo - Medical Student Member
  • Rui Min Raymond Zuo, MD - Resident/Fellow Member

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