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halid M. Azzam, MBBS, CPE, MS-HQSMi, FACP, ACP Governor

Khalid M. Azzam, MBBS, CPE, MS-HQSMi, FACP, ACP Governor



As we welcome 2024, I'd like to extend my warmest greetings to all members of the ACP Ontario Chapter. Reflecting on the past year, serving as your Governor since April 2023 has been an honour. Our journey together has been enriching and marked by shared learning.

One of our highlights in 2023 was the November ACP Ontario Chapter Annual Meeting in beautiful Niagara Falls. This event showcased the depth and diversity of our Chapter's talent and expertise. We were fortunate to have ACP Ambassadors Dr. Mukta Panda and Dr. Tammy Lin deliver insightful keynote presentations. Their focus on physician well-being, particularly moral injury, burnout, and strategies for maintaining wellness, resonated deeply with our audience. Their expertise and guidance in these crucial areas provided invaluable takeaways for all attendees. I personally acquired new skills that I implemented in my day-to-day practice. I am working with Dr. Panda and Dr. Lin in planning follow-up virtual learning opportunities to keep this work going.

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Another significant aspect of the meeting was the Laureate Award presentation. Congratulations to Dr. Paul Tam, our Chapter’s 2023 Laureate Award Recipient. He shared with us his journey in the evolution of Chronic Kidney Disease Programs in Ontario, offering a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and advancements in this critical area of healthcare focused on advocacy.

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We had various educational and networking opportunities at the Annual Meeting. The program included a Simulation Lab, a Poster Competition, and a Welcome Reception. Additionally, attendees benefited from sessions like "Top 5 Papers for Internal Medicine Physicians in 2023," presented by Dr. Talha Syed, and "Hot Topics in Hospital Medicine," led by Dr. Haroon Yousuf, with outstanding presentations from Drs. Amanda Huynh, Mohannad Abu-Hilal, Jenny Thain, and Aasim Hasany. The meeting concluded with a social event at the Niagara Parks Power Station.

A highlight of our annual meeting was the poster session, which showcased innovative research and clinical insights from our members. Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 Poster Competition:

1. Dr. Jordana Herblum for her poster on an unusual cause of primary amenorrhea.

2. Hibo Rijal for her systematic review on biologic therapy in skin of colour participants.

3. Angela Kwan for her study on the impacts of metabolic disruption on cognitive function post-COVID-19.

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Additionally, the Doctor's Dilemma Competition was a thrilling display of knowledge and teamwork, moderated by the talented Dr. Ahraaz Wyne.  Western University's team, comprising of Dr. Sarah Ghnaim, Dr. Omar Khan, and Dr. Yi Nong (Sally) Song were triumphant for the second consecutive year. Their victory against the McMaster Team in a friendly competition highlights our resident members' exceptional talent and dedication.

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Our Chapter's 2024 Annual Meeting will be held during the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine Annual Meeting October 16-19, 2024. Please mark your calendar, and we look forward to seeing you all in Hamilton. 

As we enter the new year, let's continue fostering a spirit of collaboration and excellence in internal medicine in Ontario. Here's to another year of learning, growth, and community within the ACP Ontario Chapter.

Wishing everyone a prosperous and fulfilling 2024!






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The ACP Ontario Chapter’s 2024 Annual Meeting will be held during the Annual Meeting
of the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine
October 16-19, 2024 
Hamilton, ON


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  • Saad Abbasi - Medical Student Member
  • Rachel Aber - Medical Student Member
  • Dewmini Abeynayake - Medical Student Member
  • Atoosa Aboonabi, MD - Medical Student Member
  • Vartan Abrahamian, MD - Transitional Medical Graduate Member
  • Keon Aghigh - Medical Student Member
  • Waqar Ahmad - Medical Student Member
  • Wafa Ahmed, MBBS - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Moriam Ahmed, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Ruaa Al-Qazazi, MBChB - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Oumara Alajlouni, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Sami Alanazi, MBBS - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Ghalib Alasaad, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Ahmed Aldarraji - Medical Student Member
  • Muaath A Aleisa, MBBS - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Maryam Alhashmi, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Alwaleed Aljamaan, MBBS - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Awatif Alsadoon, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Reem Alsaeid, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Prakhar Anand - Medical Student Member
  • Tharani Anpalagan - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Eric Asgari, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Brian Assadi - Medical Student Member
  • Michael Assadi - Medical Student Member
  • Marina Atalla, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Mary Attalla - Medical Student Member
  • Harshan Atwal - Medical Student Member
  • Manveer Bal, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Pardis Balari, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Saumya Bansal, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Nima Behravan - Medical Student Member
  • Lubhin Bhagat, MD - Physician Affiliate
  • Samantha Bhambrah - Medical Student Member
  • Tina Binesh Marvasti, MD PhD - Medical Student Member
  • Katharine Birkness, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Christina Blagojevic, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Carla A Borgono, MD PhD - Member
  • Daniel Broomfield - Medical Student Member
  • Jason Chambers, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Yi Tao Chan, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Crysela L Changankerry - Medical Student Member
  • Mitali Chaudhary, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Zain Cheema, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Tsung Chun Chen, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Angela Ciotoli - Affiliate
  • Nikki C Cliffe, MBBCH - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Stepbanie Craig, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Caroline Cutler - Medical Student Member
  • Tarek Dahche, MD - Member
  • Meagan Damota, MD - Transitional Medical Graduate Member
  • Neomi De Alwis - Medical Student Member
  • Rucha Desai - Medical Student Member
  • Milan Dhungana, MBBS - Transitional Medical Graduate Member
  • Omar W Dimassi - Medical Student Member
  • Tri M Dinh, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Hong Tian Dong, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Nayan Doobay - Medical Student Member
  • Lorraine Dooley, MBChB - Member
  • Pascale-Anne Doucet - Medical Student Member
  • Jennifer (Yue) Du, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Irakli (Erik) Dzneladze, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Peter Economopoulos, MD - Member
  • Karam Elsolh, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • George Fahim - Medical Student Member
  • Evan Fang - Medical Student Member
  • Babar Faridi, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Tamkeen Farmuz, MBBS - Transitional Medical Graduate Member
  • Dario Ferri, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Yonas Fetle, MD - Transitional Medical Graduate Member
  • David Flaherty, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Matthew R Fuda - Medical Student Member
  • Hamza Furmli - Medical Student Member
  • ADITYA N GAJERA, MBBS - Transitional Medical Graduate Member
  • Reid Gallant, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Reni J Gandhi - Medical Student Member
  • Nadav Gasner - Medical Student Member
  • Ramtin Ghasemi - Medical Student Member
  • Sarah Ghnaim, MBBS - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Gurdeep Gogna - Medical Student Member
  • Daniel Goldshtein, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Raphael Goyette, MDCM - Physician Affiliate
  • Nickrooz Grami - Medical Student Member
  • Sophia Grimes, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Scott Gunn, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Utsav Gurjar - Medical Student Member
  • Peter W Habashy - Medical Student Member
  • Junaid Habibi - Medical Student Member
  • Kirolos Akram Samy Laban Hana - Medical Student Member
  • Mawiyah Haq, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • RITHWIK HARIDAS, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Cameron Harper, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Megan E Heath - Medical Student Member
  • Alexandra G Hillyer, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Jennifer Horwitz, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Peter Huan - Medical Student Member
  • Andrew Hubbard - Medical Student Member
  • Muhammad K Hussain - Medical Student Member
  • Muhammed Hussain - Medical Student Member
  • Mostafa Jalalifakhr, MD - Member
  • Umer Javaid - Medical Student Member
  • Hila Jazayeri, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Mahmoud Riyam Jouid, MBBS - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Mohamad Ali Kaafarani, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Kirtan Kadia - Medical Student Member
  • Harajay Kalra - Medical Student Member
  • Shahab Karimkhani - Medical Student Member
  • Olivia Kawecki, MD - Transitional Medical Graduate Member
  • Jenna Kennelly, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Kareem Khalaf, MD - Transitional Medical Graduate Member
  • Abdul M Khan - Medical Student Member
  • Ushra Khan - Medical Student Member
  • Marriam N Khan - Medical Student Member
  • Nazmus Khan, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Amani Khan, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Krishna Kharal, MBBS - Transitional Medical Graduate Member
  • Ahmad Kiani - Medical Student Member
  • Gowtham Kilaru - Medical Student Member
  • Chelsea Klein - Medical Student Member
  • Etri Kocaqi, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • John Koussiouris - Medical Student Member
  • Kushal Kshatri, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Ahmed Kubba, MBBS - Medical Student Member
  • Shagun Kukreja - Medical Student Member
  • Andrew Kung - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Angela T.H. Kwan - Medical Student Member
  • Rahman Ladak - Medical Student Member
  • Demetra Lalos - Medical Student Member
  • Raymond Lambert - Medical Student Member
  • Zoe Lau, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Julieta Lazarte, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Ethan Lin - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Yici Liu, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Mackenzie Love - Medical Student Member
  • John K Magar - Medical Student Member
  • Arjuna Maharaj, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Vidhi Maini - Medical Student Member
  • Gurvir Kaur Mangat - Medical Student Member
  • Kimberly E Martin - Medical Student Member
  • Morgan Martin - Medical Student Member
  • Negin Masoudifar, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Kate McKenzie, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Moira Meadows - Medical Student Member
  • Anoosha Mehmood, MBBS - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Lana Moayad - Medical Student Member
  • Amal Mohamed - Medical Student Member
  • Ahmed Mohammad - Medical Student Member
  • Hedieh Molla Ghanbari, MD - Physician Affiliate
  • Madeline Monaghan, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Andrea Morris - Medical Student Member
  • Shreya Motkur - Medical Student Member
  • Zeineb Muhsen - Medical Student Member
  • Paul Mundra - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Jamal Mustafa, MBBS - Transitional Medical Graduate Member
  • Mohammad M Mustafa, MD - Medical Student Member
  • Yin M Myat, MBBSBCh - Transitional Medical Graduate Member
  • Faizan Nadeem - Medical Student Member
  • Maryam Naghibzadeh, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Khaled Nawar - Medical Student Member
  • Tu C Nguyen, MD - Physician Affiliate
  • Stephanie Nguyen - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Kevin E Nowakowski - Medical Student Member
  • ABTIN OBAR - Medical Student Member
  • Julianah O Oguntala - Medical Student Member
  • Zoe Oneill, MDCM - Transitional Medical Graduate Member
  • Deepak Palanichami - Medical Student Member
  • Avinash Pandey, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Simran Parmar - Medical Student Member
  • Camilla Z Parpia, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Ryan Persaud - Medical Student Member
  • Judy H PHAM, MD - Member
  • Zoe Phillips, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Elahn Pogue, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Adam L Poulin - Medical Student Member
  • Vithyaa Premjeyanth, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Alanna Pullen - Medical Student Member
  • Lauren Punter - Medical Student Member
  • Chowdhury Purnashree - Medical Student Member
  • Hiba A Qasim - Medical Student Member
  • Travis Quevillon, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Jade Quirion, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Wahhaab A Qureshi - Medical Student Member
  • Hossein Rajali - Medical Student Member
  • Jonah Rakoff, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Ruqqiyah Rana, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Tim Rappon, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Amol Raut, MDCM - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Ghazal Razeghi - Medical Student Member
  • Sarah Rehou - Medical Student Member
  • Abe Reinhartz, MD - Member
  • Ashitha Reji - Medical Student Member
  • Darren R Rich, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Hibo Rijal - Medical Student Member
  • Maxwell A Robinson - Medical Student Member
  • Clara Romany - Medical Student Member
  • Aishwarya Sadagopan, MBBS - Transitional Medical Graduate Member
  • Sameer Safi - Medical Student Member
  • Sandra Safwat - Medical Student Member
  • Rida Sajid - Medical Student Member
  • Veronica Salama, MBBCH MD - Medical Student Member
  • Farzan Salehi, MD - Transitional Medical Graduate Member
  • Bruno Saleme, MD PhD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Saif Samari, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Walid Sanallah - Medical Student Member
  • Irina Sanatani, MD - Member
  • Divya Santhanam, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Aashi Saraf - Medical Student Member
  • Sunny K Shah, MD - Member
  • Saba Shahab, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Arezou Shahmoradi, BM BMBch MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Rahila Shaikh - Medical Student Member
  • Alisha Sharma, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Mohamed Shelig - Medical Student Member
  • Minghan Shi, BM PhD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Madhu M Singh - Medical Student Member
  • Vigigah Sinnathamby, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Erik A Slade, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • John Soliman - Medical Student Member
  • Morgan Steele - Medical Student Member
  • Chyna K Steele - Medical Student Member
  • Saad Syed, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Umme Habiba Fatima F Syeda, MBBS - Transitional Medical Graduate Member
  • Rabia Tahir - Medical Student Member
  • Domenica Tambasco, MD - Medical Student Member
  • Neil Tandon - Medical Student Member
  • Marieanne Tavakoli, Jr - Medical Student Member
  • Amneet Thiara, MD - Member
  • Emily Thorburn-Winsor, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Kiran S Thummalapalli - Medical Student Member
  • Yasameen Tomaira - Medical Student Member
  • Harleen Toor - Medical Student Member
  • Victoria Tucci - Medical Student Member
  • Natalie A Vitiello - Medical Student Member
  • Roxanna Wang - Medical Student Member
  • Ann Wilfred - Medical Student Member
  • Benjamin Wong - Medical Student Member
  • Melanie M Wong, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Steve Woolacott - Medical Student Member
  • Mary Xie, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Kayley Xu, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Sushanth Yerra - Medical Student Member
  • Salma Yousuf, MBBS - Transitional Medical Graduate Member
  • Wanqing Yu, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Jennifer Zajac - Medical Student Member
  • Kristen Zamperoni, MD - Resident/Fellow Member
  • Emily Zhang - Medical Student Member

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