Ontario Governor's Newsletter December 2018

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Irene Hramiak, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

Irene Hramiak, MD, FACP, ACP Governor


Governor's Message - Dr. Irene Hramaik

The first snowfall in London has left a dusting of snow which is a reminder to me that summer is truly over. As we settle into the work of the fall and winter, it is an opportunity to think of the work that the ACP does on an annual basis.

Our chapter hosted another successful annual meeting November 2-3 in Toronto. Thank you to all presenters, meeting participants, and planning committee members. Thank you also to Gold Sponsors Boehringer Ingelheim/Lilly and Merck and Silver Sponsor NovoNordisk. Mark your calendars and plan to join us for our annual meeting next November!

In collaboration with McMaster, the Simulation Lab was another success and we thank all the facilitators and organizers.


Thank you to Dr. George Dresser and Dr. Susan Hingle who judged posters submitted by residents and medical students. We were all impressed by the quality of the posters. Congratulations to all presenters and to the top four posters below. The first-place winner will have the great opportunity to present their paper at the 2019 ACP Internal Medicine Meeting in Philadelphia.

  • Dr Mohammed A. Malik Farooqi, McMaster: 1st placeFrailty and its Association With Cardiovascular Mortality: A Meta-analysis of Individual Patient Data
  • Ms. Amira Balbaa, University of Toronto: 2nd placeADVOCATE Education Study
  • Mr. Thomas Ritchie, Queen's: 2nd placeThe value of fine crackles on chest auscultation in the early diagnosis of interstitial lung diseases
  • Dr. Hamza Mahmood, University of Ottawa: 3rd placeEvaluation of a resident-to-student teaching and mentorship program at the University of Ottawa specifically tailored towards a career in Internal Medicine

During our annual meeting, four teams competed in our annual Doctor's Dilemma© competition. The University of Toronto was victorious and will be representing the Ontario Chapter at the 2019 ACP National Doctor's Dilemma Competition in Philadelphia – plan to attend and cheer on our Canadian teams!

Congratulations to Dr. Jonah Himelfarb, Dr. Michael Ruiz, Dr. Anath Lionel.


There were many highlights of our annual meeting but surely one of them was keynote speaker Dr. Susan Hingle, our ACP Ambassador from the Illinois chapter. Dr. Hingle is a strong advocate for women's health and has had various roles within ACP including Chair of the Board of Regents and Chair of the Board of Governors.

The ACP as an organization continues to advocate on behalf of women not only for reproductive health care but also ongoing cardiac and breast care. We are fortunate that at least some of the reproductive issues have been dealt with on a federal level here in Canada but we continue to advocate for women's health in general, particularly for improved education around women's cardiac health.

I am proud to announce that the Ontario Chapter has once again received an ACP Chapter Excellence Award! This is your award. Organizations such as the ACP are more than the sum of our individual contributions. We would not be an outstanding chapter without all of you! I personally appreciate your support and involvement and encourage you to support ACP in Ontario.

Dr. George Dresser, as the Governor-Elect, has some ideas of how ACP can be active here in Ontario with our own medical association. As I prepare to step down in the next six months as your Governor, I think this is a time to call for action for all of you to become involved with ACP in a way that suits your needs. We are always looking for interested and passionate members who are willing to contribute towards the vibrant and diverse chapter serving the needs of our members. Whether you are a medical student or a faculty member, there are educational opportunities as well as leadership opportunities within the ACP chapter.

The best of the holiday season to you all and your families.





Helaleh Saber Hamishegi, MD
Raphael Rush, MD
Thomas Tran, MD
Habibat A Garuba, MD
Arthur D Wong, MD
Haroon S Yousuf, MD
Meera M Dalal, MD
Michael Peirce, MD
Mohammed H Tawhari, MBBS
Waleed Chehadi, MD
Mehrnaz Salehidobakhshari, MD
Emily Jones, MD
Sean R Abeysekera, MD
Alborz Shoki, MBBS
Elio Pavone, MD
Randall Hurst, MD
Abdelnasir Bashir, MBBS
Kanapat Jeyalingam, MBBS
Amadeep Klair, MD


Sanjaya Pandeya, MD FACP
Olusegun Sheyin, MD,FRCPC FACP

Resident Fellow

Nischal Ranganath
Hyder Shah
Mohammad K Alarfaj
Arnav Agarwal
Oksana Motalo, MD
Teresa Semalulu
Sharon Lee
Usaamah M Khan
Michael Falconi
Anna Zavodni
Laith Ishaq
Sarah Alobaid
Jesse Lu, MD
Patrick Lindsay, MBBS
Kelly Li
Augustin Toma
Duna Basudan
Corey Mayer
Anna Whalen-Browne
Natasha Sheikh, MD
Cara Pray
Aoife Cox
Nicholas Timmerman
Lauren Glick
Pauline Kosalka
Shreyash Dalmia, MD
Sarah Malecki, MD
Sean Cai, MD
Abdulaziz Alajmi, MD
Osamah Jarallah, MBBS
Eric To, MD
Khalid Alayed, MBBS
Lianne Rotin, MD PhD
Nicky Kraus, MD
Jonah Himelfarb, MD
April Rose, MDCM
Matthew Chan, MD
Yazeed Abalkhail, MD
Rand Al Ohaly, MD
Conor Bell, MD
Matthew Chan, MD
Olivia Cook, MD
Shaan Gupta, MD
Shaan Gupta, MD
Omar Ibrahmi, MD
Matthew Jessome, MD
Deborah Koh, MD
Victor Lo, MD
Nicole Pun
David Putman, MD
Michael Rheaume, MD
Tammy Ryan, MD
Katherine Steckham, MD
Julie Tan, MD
Candice Griffin, MD
Trevor Semplonius, MD
Simon Overduin, MD
Kristeen Eshak, MD
Anthony Sandre, MD
Torrance Oravec, MD
Danny Zita, MD
Yuchen Li, MD
Ashley Jensen, MD
Alvita Chan, MD
Vincent Le, MD
Matthew Malkowski, MD
Jennifer Fu, MD
Alex Day, MD
Tae Oh Yoo, MD
Amanda Yin Chieh Chen, MD
Gabrielle Bourque
Baha Alazzoni, MD
Sonika Thukral, MBBS
Lauren Turner
Claudia Frankfurter, MD
Danica Quickfall, MDCM
Leah Kosyakovsky, MD
Kelly Chin
Ryan Kroll, MD
Kordan Harvey, MBBCH
Kevin Gitau, MD
Hamza Mahmood, MD
Rajam Raghunathan, MDCM PhD
William Silverstein, MD
Jason Cheng, MD
Cameron Landry, MD

Medical Student

Ravneet Randhawa
Asmaa Mnathraltaee
Rashmi Narendrula
Michelle Rizk
Danny Ram
Alexandra Tibil
Aditi Bharwdaj
Audrey Lam
Rachana Purohit
Angila Bag
Mitchell Elliott
Kenza Achtoutal
Mirna Iskander
Mathew Lukey
Chelsea Paterson
Aadil Saeed
Michel Lebouthillier
Nadine Sophie Maalouf
Meera Mahendiran
Shafaq Khan
Shareef Akbari
Andrew Bacha
Waseem Iqbal
Nasir Alhamdan
Mayooran Mahalingam
Sonia Dhawan
Ajhani Kesavan
Vishaka Chetram
Randip Gill
Jamil Amlani
Angela Workman
Maria Mikail
Alan Zhou
Dean Ibrahim
Joy Hur
Niousha Djahanpour
Mohammad Jay
Danny Jomaa
Darsan Sadacharam
Lara Casey
Avrilynn Ding
Portia Tang
David Di Fonzo
Snehal Kathuria
Christopher Smith
Emily Richmond
Natasha Tang
Julia Milden
Nabil Hawwa
Laurel Collings
Isabel Shamsudeen
Alaina Mandrapilias
Sasha Zarnke
Perasanth Sovunthararajan
Liuda Asaul
Jatminderpal Bhela
Mehak Qureshi
Sachin Pasricha
Julia Hunter
Shawn White
Luxhman Gunaseelan
Nicole Philips
Ali Aljamali
Christine Moon
Yaping Chang
Ajita Gupta
Kinza Ali
Judith Lone
Thomas Ritchie
Sana Hussaini
Daisy Liu
Amira Balbaa
Grace Zhang
Howard Guo
Shifaz Veettil
Akshay Varghese
Kooroush Dehghan
Remi Hutson
Brittany Donadel
Stephanie Stevens
Haley Duchesne
Caleb Charlebois
Alexander Hemy
Erika Lau
Matthew Houde
Adrian Grebowicz
Ella Chochla
Jacob Belanger
Kyle Fediuk
Jordan Lesarge
Peter Smylie
Suraj Mahida
Alison Marchand
Christina Anthes
Brianna Beaudry
Takara Martin
Kelsey Pitre
Cameron Robb-Mackay
Matthew Prisk
Maya Deeb
Kaitlin Quinlan
Sharysse Kayoumedjian
Anahita Dehmoobad
Manpreet Basuita
Gurpreet Malhi
Nathan Gamble
Natasha Tzortzidis
Berty Baskaran
Ciji Robinson
Alicia Jarosz
Melanie Rose
Jeffrey Lam
Drew Zhang
Mohammed Aamir Saiyed
Daniel Kapustin
Manmeet Sahni
Annie Hung
Martine Al Malouf
Chavi Tejpal
Leo Kadota
Caroline Gobran
Shayne Greenberg
Zachary Au
Catherine Lang
Nosa Edebiri
Xiaoyang Lan
Navkaran Girgla
Sherwin Wong
Nicole Kim
Alessia Genova
Grace Wang
Mohammad Faraz
Rushil Chaudhary
Weam Elnour
Helen Liu
Katherine Li
Sarang Gupta




Did you know that the ACP is highly involved in advocacy? Keep up to date with the ACP Advocate Newsletter.

There are many resolutions brought forth for consideration by the Board of Governors. I encourage members to visit www.acponline.org/advocacy and send me your feedback to Irene.Hramiak@sjhc.london.on.ca The Canadian Governors have the opportunity to discuss and vote on resolutions and policy during annual meetings of the Board of Governors.

Visit the Advocacy in Action page for a list of resources and events to help educate and promote action by US policy makers, legislators and others on issues of importance to internists and their patients.

One such resource is the Climate Change Toolkit – a resource to help reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in your practice –click to learn more.




ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2019

April 11-13, 2019 Philadelphia, PA
Canadian Reception – plan to attend Friday, April 12, 2019 (venue TBA)
ACP Quebec Chapter and ASMIQ Meeting / Inter-University Day
May 24-25, 2019
Montréal, QC

ACP Quebec Chapter Meeting and ASMIQ 21st Annual Meeting
In collaboration with the ACP Hawaii Chapter
June 26-28, 2019
Maui, Hawaii

The ACP Atlantic Provinces Chapters Annual Meeting 2019 will be held during the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine
October 2-5, 2019
Halifax, NS
Click for information

ACP Ontario Chapter Annual Meeting 2019
November 1-2, 2019
Watch for the Call for Abstracts and program in the spring.

ACP Western Canada Chapters and Rocky Mountain GIM Annual Meeting
November 14-16, 2019
Banff, AB – The Rimrock Hotel




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ACP and EBSCO Health are collaborating to provide ACP members with free access until December 31, 2018. Click here to start benefiting from DynaMed Plus®.

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Becoming an FACP ® is a distinction earned from colleagues who recognize your accomplishments and achievements in medicine. Think of deserving Chapter Members for advancement to Fellowship and Mastership and nominate them! There are several pathways to Fellowship and the application process is simple. You may also contact me directly at Irene.Hramiak@sjhc.london.on.ca.


Be an active part of this vibrant chapter! There are many volunteer opportunities on various committees –email your interests to Irene.Hramiak@sjhc.london.on.ca.

Follow the ACP Canadian Chapters on Twitter! @ACPCanadian