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Brian G. Moses, MD, FACP, ACP Governor

Brian G. Moses, MD, FACP, ACP Governor



As the calendar turns to another new year, it provides me time to reflect on the last four years as Governor of the ACP Atlantic Provinces Chapters. Certainly, this has been an unprecedented stretch, with the COVID-19 pandemic taking hold the month before my role began.  Our healthcare system has been stretched to the limits over these years, as an aging population, increasing comorbidities, and declining health care human resources have combined to create an environment that has stressed the limits of what we can provide on a continuous basis.

Despite these challenges, my optimism remains, due in large part to the people within the system.  When I looked around at my internal medicine colleagues, both locally at my own site, as well as throughout the Atlantic region, I see dedicated and hard-working individuals who are passionate about patient care, and who are doing outstanding things to make sure that the system continues to function despite these challenges.

With this daunting task that lies before us, it can be easy to wonder what we, as individuals, can do.  However, it all starts with one person.  As we do our best to provide care to our patients, those efforts will be combined with those of others around who are making similar efforts.  Working together, these efforts snowball in amazing ways to help improve the lives of those who we care for.

I think it is also important to note benefits that arise from serving our fellow human beings.  Although medicine is a life of sacrifice, I have come to learn that sacrificing for others often brings unexpected blessings into my own life.  We live in a time where many things focus on individual wellness, and that focus can be at odds with a life in medicine, which can involve the sacrifice of our own time and energy towards helping others.  There is a fear that, unless we step away from our role in medicine and focus more on ourselves, we will wind up burning out.  In my experience, burnout tends to occur more from situations where we are unable to provide care, such as undue administrative burdens, lack of resources, and other similar obstacles that prevent us from achieving our goals in providing care, rather than the actual time involved in providing quality care to patients.  While I am not trying to advocate for people to stretch themselves too thin, I do think, for society in general, and physicians in particular, finding more opportunities to serve others will improve the quality of our own life.

With that in mind, I look forward to 2024 and recognize the immense challenges that are ahead.  However, I also recognize that this will provide opportunities for all of us to fulfill the very special task that is ours, which is to provide needed health care for those who struggle with medical problems. Seeing the joy return to someone who, once too short of breath to walk across the room, can now play sports again, reignites my passion for this wonderful career.  May we all be invigorated as we serve our patients each day.

As my term as Governor draws to an end, I am pleased to welcome Dr. Sahar Iqbal (Memorial) as your new Governor commencing in April.  My thanks to all council and committee members for their support, and I encourage all members to become active in our chapter. 




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