ACP Congratulates 2021 John Tooker Evergreen Award Winners

The John Tooker Evergreen Awards Program provides visibility and recognition to those chapters that have been successful in implementing programs that increase membership, improve communication, increase member involvement, enhance diversity, foster careers in internal medicine, and improve management of the chapter. Each fall, chapters are invited to nominate their own programs, providing details of why the program was initiated, how it was implemented, and what the results were.

Please join us as we celebrate our international chapters that received the 2021 John Tooker Evergreen Awards and Special Recognition Awards: Central America, India, and Venezuela.

2021 John Tooker Evergreen Awards

Central America - Campaign Against COVID19 Pandemic

Using education as a tool to best explain why some actions are necessary, “Campaign Against COVID19 Pandemic” focused on educating the community about an unknown foe. Through a series of social media campaigns and instructional videos, the Chapter encouraged the population to trust in national health policies such as wearing face masks, frequent hand washing, and managing hygiene in the workplace.

Central America - Healthy Community Program

The Healthy Community Program activity in Panama City was held to collect donations (money, food, hygiene products) to distribute baskets to families in need. Because of the pandemic and total quarantine in Panama many citizens lost their jobs and were in extreme necessity for basic needs. The Chapter used social media and local connections to obtain items and spread the word. Each basket included written advice for the families to commit to a healthier lifestyle and reduce the burden of chronic disease.

Special Recognition Awards

India - ACPCON 2020-Preparedness for the new normal

The ACPCON 2020 was the first 3D virtual conference for the India Chapter. The conference theme was “Preparedness for the new normal,” and sessions focused on various new normal processes in the field of diabetology, pulmonology, general practice, among others, and how they have been affected during COVID-19. The 3,000+ attendees from around the world were provided a very dynamic program, with varied sessions including Meet the Experts, a general quiz session by the Master of Ceremony, a presidential address, quiz session with quiz masters, and panel discussions.

Venezuela - #ConcursoACP

#ConcursoACP is a Knowledge Challenge via Instagram, directed mainly at Medical Students, where a clinical case related to internal medicine and/or its subspecialities was posted, with varying levels of difficulty, with a final question regarding diagnosis, further tests required, treatment, possible complications or similar, with 3 or 4 alternative answers. #ConcursoACP was designed as an educational alternative during Covid-19 lockdown. Participants submitted their answers by email. Participants were encouraged to use all means at their disposition to look up the answers, particularly ACP's online resources. The Knowledge Challenge was designed to last for 24 weeks, starting on May. Clinical cases and questions were posted on Mondays every week. Participants could send their answers until Friday and the right answers, with necessary explanations, were posted at the end of the week.

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