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View your account information, access member resources, and purchase ACP products on MyACP!

ACP's recently launched MyACP, a personalized web experience, makes it easier for members to access and discover pertinent ACP content and resources while visiting

The new MyACP experience provides logged-in members with streamlined access to the content and features they value and use the most, starting with a menu of options based on the user's membership class (e.g., residents or physicians) and his or her history of purchases with ACP.

Members will now be able to customize their MyACP information to directly add or remove resources and valued features, providing quick and easy access to the content, products, and services that are most relevant to them. Members can also continue to update account information and view their CME transcripts.

In addition, logged-in members and transactional users will be able to easily access products that they've previously purchased from ACP, including MKSAP and registration for the Internal Medicine Meeting.

In addition, for a self-guided tour of features, users can visit There's a link at the top labeled “Take a Tour” that will show them how to make use of the various features in the context of the page.

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