ACP Launches a New Identity Campaign Celebrating the Depth and Diversity of Internal Medicine Physicians

ACP has launched a new multi-year identity campaign designed to educate about the breadth, depth, and diversity of the Internal Medicine profession, and underscore the vital role of Internal Medicine physicians and the value they bring to health care.

This new initiative was informed by research conducted through surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews with internal medicine physicians, other health care leaders, and consumers. It will emphasize that internal medicine physicians are:

  • Experts in complexity
  • Brilliant connectors for our patients and health care systems using our knowledge and expertise
  • The foundation of adult clinical care
  • Vital to both patients and other medical professionals
  • Leaders in design and structure of the evolution of health care across the globe

Over the coming months, digital advertising and articles demonstrating the leadership, impact, and value that internal medicine physicians bring to many diverse roles and settings will appear in ACP publications, various media outlets and social media platforms. Visit our website to stay up to date, and to follow ACP on social media to engage in the conversation.

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