Canadian Society of Internal Medicine Congress and ACP Québec Chapter Meeting

October 11-14, 2023
Québec City, Québec, Canada
ACP Global Ambassador reflections by: Luc Lanthier, MD, FACP

I had the pleasure of being an ACP Global Ambassador at the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine (CSIM) Congress in October 2023, and the experience was interesting. On this occasion, I presented the Top 5 Papers of 2022-2023.

The event location was great! The Québec City Convention Centre is beautiful and really convenient because it's near Old Québec City (the heart of the city), and the city of Québec is a perfect place to eat well in good restaurants, visit the Château Frontenac, the Plaines d'Abraham, and beautiful museums.

I was well-received by my hosts, the ACP Quebec Chapter, CSIM, the Association of Internal Medicine Specialists of Québec (ASMIQ), especially by Dr. Isabelle Hébert, ACP Québec Chapter Governor, who welcomed me (before my presentation) with a warm tribute.

The number of participants at the CSIM congress was over 700 people, which is a record for this annual internal medicine congress in Canada. Attendees' awareness of ACP was great because there was an ACP stand, many ACP posters, ACP Québec Chapter social event (ACP Happy Hour), and Dr. Hébert, as Chair for two presentations, spoke about ACP.

The ACP Québec Chapter social event (ACP Happy Hour) was a great event where several internists and residents were present. I met several colleagues from other parts of Canada, including Hector M. Baillie, MD, FACP, who give me a copy of his book Casebook of a Community Internist, a must-read for all internists! These encounters among internal medicine physicians are always a good way to share our experiences and see what is being done elsewhere in internal medicine practice, allowing us to share our good ideas to improve patient care and make ACP known to everyone. It’s also a good way to share clinical research results that have an impact in internal medicine.

Serving as ACP Global Ambassador was a rewarding experience, as it allowed promoting excellence in internal medicine.

ACP Québec Chapter Governor Dr. Hébert and Dr. Lanthier
ACP Québec Chapter Governor Dr. Hébert and Dr. Lanthier

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