March 15, 2019

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Volunteers Needed at Internal Medicine Meeting 2019

Volunteer opportunities (We need you!)

Champions attending ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 in Philadelphia will have 3 opportunities to volunteer a small amount of time as speakers, teachers, or guides. If you are interested in volunteering but have not yet signed up, a sign-up sheet with dedicated times for each volunteer opportunity is available.

Please Sign Up

These are great ways to increase the visibility of the Well-being Champions and the important work that you do for the larger ACP membership while providing you with a little more experience in your role. We look forward to seeing your name!

1. Present a 10-minute briefing (slides done for you)

  • An update on the Well-being and Professional Satisfaction program will be presented each day at Internal Medicine Meeting (Th-F-Sat).

2. Teach one or more of the Mini but Mighty: Skills for Well-being sessions

  • The sessions will take place during the 15- and 45-minute breaks at the Clinical Skills section at the meeting. Two faculty slots are available for each session.
  • Dr. Charlene Dewey will provide additional training for those who signed up to teach. You will receive an invitation from your well-being team with the details.
  • Live attendance or viewing of the February 27, 2019, Mini but Mighty Skills webinar is a prerequisite to the additional training. Access and CME/MOC claiming details are available at the bottom of the announcements section.

3. Serve as a Clinical Skills Workflow Innovation Journey guide/facilitator for the ACP Workflow interactive exhibit (Ideas to Improve Internal Medicine Workflow and Well-Being)

  • Exhibit background: The Workflow Innovation exhibit at Internal Medicine 2019's Clinical Skills Center is a 20’x 8’ two-sided panel featuring workflow innovations for hospital medicine on one side and ambulatory on the other. There are tools and resources associated with each innovation that will be accessible through the IM19 meeting app as well as at
  • The Journey guides/facilitators are volunteers willing to engage with exhibit-goers to discuss their thoughts and additional ideas. This information will supplement information obtained via whiteboard and #acpworkflow.
  • All the information gathered will be used as prompts and references for the MIT Hacking Medicine event on Saturday morning at Internal Medicine 2019 as well as to improve the exhibit for future use.

2 Invitations for Past and Current Well-being Champions and Well-being Task Force Members

We are very pleased to extend two invitations to past and current Well-being Champions and Well-being Task Force members attending Internal Medicine 2019 in Philadelphia. Please RSVP for one or both activities by March 26, 2019, so we can appropriately plan for the events.

RSVP Today

We hope that you will be able to attend one or both of these events. We look forward to seeing you!

  • First, please join us at the 2019 Well-being Champions reception on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, from 4-5:30 pm in room 109B of the Philadelphia Convention Center. This reception is an opportunity for formerly trained Champions, newly minted Champions, and members of the Physician Well-being and Professional Satisfaction Task Force to meet and chat over hors d’ouevres, wine, and beer.
  • Second, you are invited to join the new class of Champions for the last several hours of their training prior to the reception. During this time, a Champion will present how his or her chapter administered the Mini Z and reported results; there will be a discussion about overcoming challenges; and the new class will create a 1-year work plan. We invite you to share your experience with the new cohort as they complete their training. Those interested in attending the training should arrive between 1:30-1:45 pm to Convention Center room 111.

Mini but Mighty: Skills for Well-being (Claim CME/MOC through your Tracker)

If you attended the webinar live on February 27, claim your CME/MOC through the Well-being Champions Activities Tracker.

Claim Your CME/MOC

If you missed the webinar, the recording is now available on your Champions page. You may claim your CME/MOC starting on the day you finished watching the video.

Watch the Recording

Noteworthy Resources

Internal Medicine 2019

Well-being and Professional Satisfaction Activities Web Page

There are many Well-being and Professional Satisfaction activities to choose from this year at the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2019. We encourage you to browse the pre-courses, scientific programs, fun offerings (Say Cheese Selfie Frame!), and non-ticketed sessions at the Clinical Skills Center for the myriad Physician Well-Being and Professional Satisfaction Activities available.

Internal Medicine 2019 Well-being App

All the information above can be at your fingertips through the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 app. Download the app for the further advantage of being able to add the Mini but Mighty: Skills for Well-being sessions you want to attend in your schedule.

Please feel free to spread the word about all the Well-being and Professional Satisfaction activities at Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 through social media, your chapter newsletter, or by word of mouth. We hope to reach many people who need well-being the most and amplify the message to influence, and ultimately effect, culture change.

New Journal of Wellness!

The Journal of Wellness (JWellness) is a new, open access, peer-reviewed journal “dedicated to the scholarly pursuit of wellness for all healthcare professionals.” Please click the link above to read the journal's first article, “Why a New Journal.” This might be a receptive venue for future papers for well-being and professional satisfaction.

From the Trenches

Well-being Champions Information Dissemination Tip: Leverage the Power of Your Chapter Newsletter's Reach

This month's feature comes from our Texas Southern Well-being Champions Sabina Lee, MD, FACP, and Stacey Rose Rubin, MD, FACP. Dr. Lee and Dr. Rose leveraged the power of their chapter newsletter's reach by sharing chapter Well-being updates, including their constituents' Mini Z results as well as tips and resources on personal resilience, wellness, and work efficiency.

They also featured a personal resilience story. This spotlight highlights a personal resilience or workplace efficiency story from one of the Texas Southern members who inspire reflection, action, and community learning and building at their chapter and workplaces.

To learn more, please check out the Texas Southern Newsletter with the Well-being highlights here.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Rose's other projects at Texas Southern include:

1. Establishing a Wellness track at the November 2018 Texas ACP Annual Meeting

2. Hosted a popular “Food is Medicine” lecture

3. Planning events for the 2019 Texas State Meeting that will feature:

  • A Healthy Nutrition Cooking workshop
  • Best Practice panel to share their pearls of wisdom on how to run an effective hassle-free medical practice (one from an academic setting/hospitalist/ Private practice/VA).

Start a conversation about your chapter's well-being outreach activities and events on your private forum.

Share your success stories and that of inspirational colleagues (both ACP champions and partners) by emailing your story to Crissy Walter at

In the News

Reclaiming Our Mission in Medicine by Philip A. Masters, MD, FACP; published on

Excerpt: “A universal observation is that virtually everyone entered medicine with a mission-driven and altruistic spirit—a commitment to helping people that seems for many to be as much a “calling” as a career choice. This is what drives them to care and work as much and as hard as they do, based on the belief that the importance of patients' health and well-being transcends the daily grind that is an inevitable part of being a doctor.”


Discuss the news topic above and share advice and ideas with other well-being champions in your private forum.

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