January 18, 2019

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Dear ACP Well-being Champions:

Happy 2019! We are thrilled to start off this year with the first edition of your new Well-being Champion newsletter: I.M. Thriving. Beginning today, this newsletter will arrive in your mailbox every third Friday of the month bursting with important information related to your Champion work. We hope this will cut down on the number of “one-off” emails while also giving you something to both look forward to and depend on to keep you abreast and motivated. We recommend that you hold on to each month's newsletter until the next one arrives so you don't miss anything. You can also visit the newsletter section of your Champion's page to access the most current newsletter as well the newsletter archives.

The newsletter will include the same headers every month: Announcements, Upcoming Events, From the Trenches, Noteworthy Resources, and In the News. While the ACP Well-being staff team will feed some content into the newsletter, we urge you to contribute as well. In particular, we welcome your submissions about a well-being chapter event, a resource you used that was especially helpful, or an article you found illuminating. This newsletter is a way for us and for you to share information with the full Champion community. Because the newsletter is passive, however, we also urge you to use the Champion forum located on the Champion web page for two-way communication.

This newsletter is the second of several exciting new developments (the first being the attainment of CME/MOC for your Champion work). Keep reading for what's coming next… there are new tools, opportunities to volunteer at IM, and an invitation, among others… and even more to come.

With gratitude for all you do,

The ACP Well-being Team

Upcoming Events

WEBINAR: Mini but Mighty: Skills for Well-being

February 27, 2:30 pm ET

Increase your well-being toolkit by learning four ten-minute skills for well-being. You can use these yourself and/or teach them to others. Charlene Dewey, MD, MACP, will teach:

  1. Mindfulness based stress reduction (relaxation and self-regulation)
  2. Self-care to increase endorphins
  3. Gratitude (PERMA wheel, 3 good things)
  4. Well-being elevator speech

Champions that complete this webinar (live or recorded) will have an opportunity to teach them at Internal Medicine 2019 in Philadelphia! Learn more on the webinar.

Register Today

Internal Medicine Meeting 2019

Volunteer Opportunities and One Invitation

Champions attending IM 2019 in Philadelphia will have 3 opportunities to volunteer and 1 invitation. Sign-up information with dedicated times for each volunteer opportunity will be included in the February 15, 2019 newsletter. For now, think of an opportunity or two that may be right for you.

1. Present a 10 minute Briefing (slides done for you)

  • An update on the Well-being and Professional Satisfaction program will be presented each day of IM (Th-F-Sat).

2. Teach one or more of the Mini but Mighty skills referenced above

  • The sessions will be held during the 15 and 45 minute breaks at the Clinical Skills section at Internal Medicine Meeting 2019. 2 faculty slots are available for each session.

3. Serve as a Clinical Skills Workflow Innovation Journey Guide/Facilitator for the ACP Workflow Interactive Exhibit (Ideas to Improve Internal Medicine Workflow and Well-Being)

  • Volunteer slot times will follow. Stay tuned.

Exhibit Background:

  • The Innovation Workflow Exhibit at IM19's Clinical Skills Center is a 20’x 8’ two-sided panel featuring workflow innovations for hospital medicine on one side and ambulatory on the other.
  • There are tools and resources associated with each innovation; these will be accessible through the IM19 meeting app as well as acponline.
  • The exhibit's Journey Guides/Facilitators are volunteers willing to engage with exhibit-goers to get their thoughts and additional ideas. This information will supplement information obtained via whiteboard and #acpworkflow.
  • All the information gathered will be used as prompts and references for the MIT Hacking Medicine Event on Saturday morning at Internal Medicine 2019 as well as to improve the exhibit for future use.

4. INVITATION: Attend 2019 Champion Training the afternoon of Wed. April 10

  • Event start and end times will be provided as soon as it is available.

From the Trenches

Share your success stories and that of inspirational colleagues (both ACP champions and partners) by emailing your story to Crissy Walter at acpwellbeing@acponline.org.

This month, we would like to highlight that, to date, 12 chapters have deployed the Mini Z. Some of our champions are also using the instrument at their various institutions and organizations. Share your experiences with deploying the mini Z or get advice and best practices from your fellow champions if you are thinking of sending one in your private forum.

Chapters that Deployed the Mini Z

Chapter Name
California Southern 1 Nebraska
Colorado Nevada
Georgia South Carolina
Indiana Tennessee
Louisiana US Army
Missouri West Virginia

Noteworthy Resources

Additional Mini Z Tools

Mark Linzer and Sara Poplau provided 2 supplemental materials:

1. Generic Mini Z results year-by-year and targets table

  • This is an example of how to present your data for best effect with year-by-year comparison and targets.

2. JGIM article: Worklife and Wellness in Academic General Internal Medicine: Results from a National Survey by Mark Linzer, MD1,2, Sara Poplau, BA1,3, Stewart Babbott, MD4, Tracie Collins, MD, MPH5, LauraGuzman-Corrales, MPH3, JeremiahMenk,MS6,Mary LouMurphy,MS, RN7, and KayOvington,BA8

  • We received questions from many of you regarding national averages. This JGIM article shows how Mark Linzer and his team used the Mini Z in a national survey of general internists. This is a resource for presenting your results that include national data that suggests optimal targets. In case you are interested about the validation of the tool, some of the validation statistics are in it. It also contains some tables that show how to portray the data.

You can find these and more in the Measurement Tools and Data Interpretation section of your Champions page.

In the News

How to beat burnout: 7 signs physicians should know by American Medical Association; featured is our very own Mark Linzer, MD, MACP

Excerpt: “If constant stress has you feeling exhausted, cynical or detached from patients, take notice. You may be in danger of physician burnout, which is more prevalent among doctors than other professionals.”


Discuss the news topics above and share advice and ideas with other well-being champions in your private forum.

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