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Information for Physicians, Fellows, Masters and Physician Affiliates

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New Members

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Post-training physicians
(9 years or more beyond medical school)
Post-training physicians
(8 years or less beyond medical school)

Annual Rate

$565.00 $369.00

ACP's membership year runs from July 1 to June 30. Dues are pro-rated based upon the month a new member joins.

Renewing Members and Additional Details

ACP's membership year runs from July 1 to June 30 each year and dues are subject to change annually. A special introductory dues rate may be offered to new members when they first join.

Membership in ACP includes membership in ACP national, your local ACP state/regional chapter, and ACP Services. A portion of your dues supports each entity. Members may not opt out of any of these entities. Chapter dues rates vary by chapter; therefore, the dues rate that a new member will be charged at the first renewal will be dependent upon the chapter to which he/she belongs.

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View important state disclosures information for solicitation of contributions.

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New to ACP

If you have completed a residency in internal medicine:

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If you have completed a residency in a specialty other than internal medicine:

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Former Members

Former ACP Masters, Fellows, Members and Physician Affiliates

For physicians who were post-training members of ACP in the past.

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ACP Resident/Fellow Members

If you are still in residency or fellowship training:
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If you have completed training:
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Previously Registered

If you previously created an ACP login without prior membership, you may use that login to apply for ACP Membership.

Full Membership

For internists and subspecialists post-training who meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a degree of Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Medicine, Master of Surgery, or Doctor of Osteopathy.
  • Hold a current active medical license and be a physician in practice or other professional pursuit within internal medicine, combination of internal medicine and other related specialties or neurology. The requirement for an active medical license may be waived for candidates not in clinical practice.
  • Show evidence of successful completion of residency training in internal medicine, combined internal medicine or neurology, or board certification by the American Board of Internal Medicine, American Osteopathic Board of Internal Medicine.

Physician Affiliate Membership

ACP’s Physician Affiliate membership category is for physicians who do not meet the requirements for full membership in the College. It is important to note that Physician Affiliates are excluded from voting, holding office and attaining Fellowship. Physician Affiliates may serve on ACP committees that have seats allotted for non-members.


Most new Fellows are advanced from current ACP membership. Only full Members who have three years post residency training membership in good standing are invited to complete an application for advancement to Fellowship. Physicians certified in internal medicine who are not currently ACP Members may be eligible for direct election to Fellowship in select circumstances. Direct Fellowship is a singular honor conferred on fewer than five percent of Fellowship applicants and qualifications nearly always include status as an academician or researcher with a national reputation, extensive publications, and an outstanding career.

For current members wishing to advance to Fellowship, please visit our dedicated requirements page.

For non-members wishing to be directly elected to Fellowship, please visit our direct election to Fellowship page.

Learn more about ACP Fellowship.

New Members

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Post-training physicians
(9 years or more beyond medical school)
Post-training physicians
(8 years or less beyond medical school)
Annual Dues Rate $565.00 $369.00
August $513.33 $333.63
September $466.67 $303.33
October $420.00 $273.00
November $373.33 $242.67
December $326.67 $212.33
January $280.00 $182.00
February $233.33 $151.67

Please note that March to June dues rates have yet to be announced.