Get to Know Your Peers: Manajyoti Yadav, MD, FACP

Manajyoti YadavManajyoti Yadav, MD, FACP
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
University of Illinois College of Medicine

1. What is your current professional position?

I am an academic hospitalist. In my clinical role, I practice adult hospital medicine. In my academic role, I serve as the clerkship and subinternship co-director, and core faculty member, at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. 

2. Why did you choose Internal Medicine?

The meticulous process of uncovering the mystery of an elusive diagnosis through a perfect history and examination has always fascinated me. Internal medicine (IM) is a specialty in which you can practice the mastery of your diagnostic skills almost every day. As one of the primary care specialties, IM has always appealed to me a lot: I get to see and treat the patient, and sometimes their family, as a whole. 

3. Please tell us about the great work you’ve been doing with the International Medical Graduate (IMG) Council at the ACP Illinois Chapter.

At the ACP Illinois Southern Chapter, we recently created a new IMG committee. As a new committee, we are working with IMG members (students, residents, practicing physicians), surveying their needs so that we can take steps to address those. We have conducted focus group webinars and plan to collect more information using online surveys. IMGs have unique needs and our goal is to address those with our committee’s work. Some of the areas of ongoing work include trying to find U.S. clinician mentors for IMG students and providing support to IMG residents with their immigration-related needs. We are also working on developing a robust structure for the committee to assure growth and participation over the years to come.   

4. What do you want to accomplish professionally within the next five years?

I am passionate about bedside teaching and medical education in general. Five years from now, I want to have further refined my teaching skills and trained more future expert clinicians. I am currently conducting research about the use of automation in student assessments and feedback, and hope to contribute toward meaningful integration of the same in learner assessments in the near future. 

5. Can you share a brief (and anonymous) patient encounter or professional situation that made you proud to be an Internal Medicine physician?

I recently worked with a medical student on an IM rotation. Toward the end of the rotation, she told me that she enjoyed her experience on the team so much that she had decided to pursue a career in IM. Every time I hear that from a medical student, it really makes me feel very proud to be able to inspire students to pursue a career in IM. IM is also a core rotation in which all students hone their basic clinical skills, irrespective of their career choice. To be able to contribute to that process as a teaching physician, while serving my patients, is a very proud feeling.