October 2018

National Hispanic Heritage Month

Beginning September 15th and running through October 15, National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates Hispanic and Latino American culture, heritage and contributions. This month, IMpact recognizes the contributions of Hispanic physicians to the study and practice of Internal Medicine.


Baking Hospitalist Training into Residency

(from the August 2018 ACP Hospitalist)

In the past, internal medicine residency programs didn't always worry about offering specific training in hospital medicine. When Christopher Sankey, MD, FACP, was interested in high-acuity general medicine at the end of his residency 15 years ago, he figured he'd be an intensivist.

ACP Hospitalist provides news and information about hospital medicine, covering the latest trends and issues in the field.

My Kind of Medicine: Real Lives of Practicing Internists

Spotlight: Nestor Sosa, MD, FACP

The ACP Central America chapter was established in 1928, making it one of our earliest international chapters, and Dr. Nestor Sosa has been the Governor of the chapter since 2016.

Medical Student Perspectives

The Physician-Patient Relationship: The Key For Every Specialty

As a medical student, I was standing in the corner of a patient's room while they were talking to the medical team about the upcoming decisions that had to be made.

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Analyzing Annals

On Being a Patient: Michael's Testimonial

“As I was losing control of my body because of my ALS, this decision was the one last element of control I had over my life. For that to be taken away fills me with great anxiety, because now I do not know how this is going to play out.”

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Winning Abstracts

Why Are We Missing Delirium in the ICU? Quality Improvement Implications of a Nursing Survey on Delirium Screening

Despite its high prevalence in critically ill patients, delirium frequently goes unrecognized. The Confusion Assessment Method for the Intensive Care Unit (CAM-ICU) is a validated delirium screening tool with three possible ratings.

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Subspecialty Careers


Rheumatology is the subspecialty of internal medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of medical diseases of the joints, muscles, and connective tissues. Although traditionally thought of as dealing primarily with joint diseases such as arthritis, physicians trained in rheumatology (“rheumatologists”) possess expertise in evaluating and managing a wide spectrum of disorders related to the musculoskeletal system, including systemic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases that may also involve other organ systems.

In the Clinic

Polymyalgia Rheumatica

Polymyalgia rheumatica is a common, chronic, systemic rheumatic inflammatory disease that affects adults older than 50 years. Although symptoms of proximal muscle stiffness and elevated inflammatory markers are typical, there are no specific diagnostic features.

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Determine the most appropriate diagnostic study:


Get Involved

Council of Student Members Call for Nominations

The Council of Student Members (CSM) is currently recruiting new representatives for terms beginning in April 2019. The CSM is charged with responding to requests from the ACP's Board of Regents, committees and staff for review of programs, products and services, and advising the Board of Regents and Board of Governors. Applications must be submitted via email to acpgovernance@acponline.org no later than Thursday, November 1, 2018. See the CSM Call for Nominations to learn more.

ACP Abstract Competition

ACP will hold a National Abstracts Competition as part of Internal Medicine 2019. The meeting will take place April 11 - 13 in Philadelphia, PA. Abstracts are divided into five categories, Basic Research, Clinical Research, Quality Improvement-Patient Safety, High Value Care and Clinical Vignette. ACP Medical Student Members are encouraged to submit. A first author may submit two abstracts to the Clinical Vignette category, and one abstract to each of the Research categories. The submission portal will open on Monday, October 1, 2018.


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