IMIG Update: Submit your club as the IMIG of the Month

IMIG Update: Submit your club as the IMIG of the Month

Do you think your IMIG has what it takes to be featured as the "Internal Medicine Interest Group of the Month" in an upcoming issue of IMpact? Does your club host unique and interesting events about internal medicine? Does your IMIG have a strong presence on your campus? ACP wants to hear about your club!

If you think your club is doing great things to promote internal medicine; we want to know. Student leaders may submit an article telling us about your IMIG. Here are the guidelines for submission:

  • Articles should be written by the student leader(s).
  • Articles should be approximately 500-600 words.
  • Articles should provide full author information at the end of the article, including the authors' names, year of graduation, title within the IMIG, and e-mail address if you would like to receive correspondence from IMpact readers.
  • Articles may include photos (JPEG, attached to the e-mail not inserted into the Word document).
  • Articles should be submitted as a Word document attachment to

Need help getting started? Here are some suggestions:

  1. What makes your club different from other IMIG clubs?
  2. How long has your club been in existence?
  3. How is the leadership of your club organized?
  4. Do you have representatives from each year? If you do or do not, how is that beneficial to the continuity of your club?
  5. What types of events does your IMIG put together? You could provide an overview of all of the club activities, or choose one activity and describe in detail how you organized the event. The purpose of this would be to encourage other IMIGs to hold a similar event at their schools.
  6. How are your faculty advisors involved?
  7. Do you work with your ACP Chapter on any of the activities of your club? If so, please describe some of these.

Visit the Internal Medicine Interest Group of the Month Archive to read some examples.

IMpact staff reserves the right to edit your article if necessary. Submission does not guarantee your IMIG will be featured.

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