Feature: New Educational Items for Medical Students

Feature: New Educational Items for Medical Students

Several new and updated educational items are now available from ACP for medical students for use in the third year internal medicine (IM) clerkship and to help in preparation for the USMLE Step 2 examination.

These materials have been created by IM clerkship directors and medical educators based on the Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine (CDIM) core curriculum for the third year, so they focus specifically on the content you need to know.

Now Available:

Internal Medicine Essentials for Students

  • Almost 100 chapters, 7 new
  • Designed specifically to be used during the course of an 8-12 week IM clerkship
  • Contains more color images, x-rays and ECGs than previous editions
  • Each chapter identifies the appropriate self-assessment questions within MKSAP for Students
  • Includes updated and additional web-based content

MKSAP for Students 5

  • Contains 450 questions, all new
  • All questions can be answered by content presented in the companion textbook, Internal Medicine Essentials for Students
  • Questions are categorized as 'A level' (advanced) or 'B level' (basic) by clerkship directors to help you better gauge your knowledge acquisition
  • Adds more color images and ECGs compared to previous editions

MKSAP for Students 5 Digital

  • A completely new product combining the content of the Essentials textbook and MKSAP for Students
  • Essentials and MKSAP for Students content is digitally linked, with navigation from text to questions or questions to text
  • Includes the ability to make customized quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Also contains the additional web-based content included with the Essentials textbook
  • The cost for this combined product is much less than purchasing the Essentials textbook and MKSAP for Students together

Coming Soon:

A 'flash card' application for smartphone and web platforms based on the core curricular content for rapid, intense study of key information in preparation for both the clerkship and USMLE exams.

More information about these resources is available at www.acponline.org/medical_students/. Remember that ACP Medical Student Members receive a discount on the purchase price of any of these materials.

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