March 2019


Managing Money for Medical School

(from the February 2019 ACP Internist)

The financing and affordability of a medical school education, never a cheap proposition, appear to be in a period of flux, depending on the outcome of several trends.

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I.M. Internal Medicine

Spotlight: Donna Williams, MD, FACP

When you marry a member of the military, you're prepared to move at a moment's notice. Moving an entire family is a daunting task by itself. And it becomes even more challenging when you're a physician and you need to find work near where your spouse is stationed.

Medical Student Perspectives

The Importance of Listening

“Unit 343, we have a psychiatric emergency on the corner of Le Jeune Drive and Main Street in Miami. Be advised that law enforcement is on its way. This is a Code 3 lights and…”

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Advocacy Update

ACP's Advocacy Agenda for 2019: Stabilizing Insurance Markets, Fighting Firearms Violence and Controlling Drug Costs

The American College of Physicians is facing familiar challenges on the advocacy front as a new legislative season gets underway. However, ACP's top advocacy executive says that 2019 could also bring good news on the pharmaceutical drug cost front and that the Affordable Care Act should hold up against challenges.

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Analyzing Annals

Annals Graphic Medicine

The graphic medicine pieces drawn by medical students in this issue show the vulnerability that they face during medical school.

Annals of Internal Medicine is the premier internal medicine academic journal published by the American College of Physicians (ACP). It is one of the most widely cited and influential specialty medical journals in the world.

Winning Abstracts

Aspirin Protects Heart Against Ischemia-reperfusion Injury Via LKB1-Sestrn2-AMPK Signaling Cascade

AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) is a stress signaling enzyme that orchestrates the regulation of energy pathways. Intrinsic AMPK activation protects the heart against ischemic injury, but whether the pharmacologic AMPK stimulation by aspirin mitigates ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) damage is unknown.

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Subspecialty Careers

General Internal Medicine

Basic training in internal medicine is a three-year (frequently termed “categorical”) residency training program. Following completion, individuals are prepared for board certification in internal medicine and prepared to practice general internal medicine.

In the Clinic

Clostridioides difficile Infection

Clostridioides difficile (formerly Clostridium difficile) infection is the most frequently identified health care–associated infection in the United States. C difficile has also emerged as a cause of community-associated diarrhea, resulting in increased incidence of community-associated infection.

Get Involved

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Medical Student Activities at ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2019

ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 will be held from Thursday April 11 to Saturday April 13 in Philadelphia, PA. With the help of the ACP Council of Student Members, we have worked to make the Internal Medicine Meeting a welcoming and meaningful experience for student attendees, planning activities and events that include a welcome center for students attending the meeting, a social media presence for students, and informal social and networking events.

Other events for students will include presentations by the winners of our Abstracts contest and our popular Jeopardy-style Doctor's Dilemma competition. Student Registration for the meeting is FREE.

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