March 2016

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New Story Slam Videos Celebrate Internal Medicine’s Personal Side
Annals of Internal Medicine has released full-length video clips from its recent story slam event held at WHYY Studios in Philadelphia.

Medical Students Needed to Work at ACP's Internal Medicine Meeting 2016
ACP is looking for medical students to act as standardized patients in the Herbert S. Waxman Clinical Skills Center at at Internal Medicine Meeting 2016.

Medical Student Perspective: Chronicling Medical School through Writing
Each story, whether of our patients, colleagues, or hospital staff, unfolds the multitude of human nature.

My Kind of Medicine: Ruchir Patel, MD, FACP
Sleep specialist, Ruchir Patel, MD, FACP, found himself experiencing a medical condition from a patient’s perspective while in residency in internal medicine at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

Analyzing Annals: Screening for Breast Cancer: U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation Statement
This guideline from the USPSTF provides recommendations for mammography screening among average-risk women aged ≥40 years.

Advocacy Update: Presidential Election 2016
A closer look at the most pressing election-year issues affecting internal medicine physicians, and tips for evaluating the current field of candidates.

Subspecialty Careers: Infectious Disease
From the Latin word inficere, "to dye or stain" but also "to corrupt or spoil." The ancients conceived that disease could result from the entrance of invisible agents into the body, a sort of "tainting."

In the Clinic

Community-Acquired Pneumonia
Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) can vary from a mild outpatient illness to a more severe disease requiring hospital admission and, at times, intensive care.

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