June 2019


‘The Pause’ Allows Physicians a Chance to Ponder

(from the May 2019 ACP Internist)

I have the pleasure and honor of serving as President of the College for the next year. In that role, I will have the opportunity to travel to ACP chapters around the world and represent the College in many different settings.

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I.M. Internal Medicine

Spotlight: Louis J. Papa, MD, FACP

Dr. Louis J. Papa is one of those familiar people. You're sure you've seen him somewhere, but you just can't quite place him. Maybe in yoga class? And then it dawns on you. “I've been on TV for 16 years now.”

Medical Student Perspectives

FOAMing-IN to Prevent Disease and Disconnection

“Ooh, she's a real treat,” was the first thing I heard about Judith when I joined her team as a student doctor. We met several months into her diagnosis of Crohn disease.

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Advocacy Update

New ACP Leadership Speaks Out for Advocacy

(from the May 3, 2019 ACP Advocate)

Two new leaders have taken the reins of the American College of Physicians, and they share the same goal on the advocacy front: ACP must tap the power of its collective and individual voices to support patients and physicians.

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Analyzing Annals

Annals Graphic Medicine - Dr. Mom: Haven't Seen the Doc Yet

Dr. Farris's comic shows how a patient viewed (or did not view) her.

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Winning Abstracts

A Novel Student-Led Improvement Science Curriculum for Pre-Clinical Medical Students

Institutions are reforming undergraduate medical education to equip medical students with the knowledge and skills to engage in health systems improvement, but knowledge of best practices is limited.

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Subspecialty Careers

Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Combined internal medicine and pediatrics (usually referred to as Med-Peds) residency programs provide concurrent, dual training in both internal medicine and pediatrics, and allows eligibility for board certification and independent practice in both disciplines.

In the Clinic


Influenza is an acute viral respiratory disease that affects persons of all ages and is associated with millions of medical visits, hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations, and thousands of deaths during annual winter epidemics of variable severity in the United States.

Get Involved

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