June 2016

Medical Student Perspective: More than the Sum of Its Parts
Entering osteopathic medical school with years of experience as a registered nurse and a physician assistant was supposed to be easy. Having placed central/arterial lines, performed lumbar punctures, and inserted hundreds of IVs over the years, I felt like my hands were skilled in palpation and ready to tackle osteopathic manipulative treatment. As a registered nurse trained in nursing holistic models and a physician assistant trained in the allopathic disease-centered model, I thought the holistic care that osteopathic physicians provided was merely the combination of the two. I had no idea how the summation of my past experiences would only represent a portion of the profession of osteopathic medicine.

My Kind of Medicine: Officer Profiles: Nitin S. Damle MD, MS, FACP & Thomas G. Tape, MD, FACP
Get to know the new ACP President and Chair of the Board of Regents!

Subspecialty Careers: Interventional Cardiology
From the Latin word intervenire, “to come between,” Interventional Cardiology is the branch of Cardiology responsible for catheter-based interventions in the management of ischemic heart disease, congenital heart disease, and acquired valvular disease.

In the Clinic

Stable Ischemic Heart Disease
Stable ischemic heart disease (SIHD) affects many millions of Americans, with associated annual costs measured in tens of billions of dollars. It is a leading cause of death in the United States. SIHD occurs when coronary artery disease (CAD) reduces the blood supply to the heart and typically causes recurrent chest pain or pressure known as angina.

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