July 2020

I’d like to welcome you to this special edition of IMpact focused on resiliency!

As a prior clerkship director and head of a residency training program in addition to having navigated the medical training process myself (albeit many years ago!), I am keenly aware of how personally difficult the process of becoming a doctor can be. Add to this the unexpected pressures of a (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime pandemic and its associated individual and societal consequences, widespread civil unrest, and the resulting significant alterations to your medical education journey, and it is no wonder that our ability to respond to these added stresses in a healthy, adaptive way is being challenged every day.

This is why, in this edition of IMpact, we want to share with you stories to connect you with other students who have confronted significant challenges in their personal and professional lives and have not only been able to bounce back from them but also emerged as stronger individuals and trainees through the process of dealing with them. We also want to provide you with some observations from experienced physicians, as well as tools and resources for nurturing your own resiliency skills that may be helpful during these unique and difficult times and beyond.

Medical training is hard, and developing our resiliency skills—much as we work to expand our medical knowledge and clinical abilities—is essential to our becoming an effective physician as well as our personal growth and well-being as humans. But it is reassuring to know that as we confront the significant challenges we face today, we do so not only as individuals, but also as part of a greater medical community in which we can support one another in seeking to thrive in this turbulent world.

So, please stay safe and take care of yourself!

Philip A. Masters, MD, FACP
Vice President of Membership and Global Engagement

Medical Student Story Slam Videos

View the following extraordinary stories of resilience from some of our ACP medical student members.

Syed Ahmed

Step 1 Failure

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine
Class of 2021

Max An

Asking the Right Questions

University of Maryland School of Medicine
Class of 2021

Andrea Anampa-Guzmán

Mental Health Matters

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
Class of 2021

Waqas Haque

Treating a Patient Who Endorses Hate Speech Directly Against You

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
Class of 2021

Srdjan Nikolovski

Healing Yourself by Practicing Medicine

University of Belgrade School of Medicine, Department of Postdoctoral Studies
Class of 2020

Daniel Oh

Not Being Able to Get Out of Bed in the Morning

University of Missouri – Kansas City
Class of 2023

Alessandra Pitco

We Can't Always Be 100% Students – Perspective From a Young Mother, Hurricane Evacuee, and Medial Student

Ross University School of Medicine
Class of 2021

Eight Ways to Develop Your Resilience

Mukta Panda, MD, FRCP-London

Dr. Panda is an award-winning physician, speaker, and facilitator whose work seeks to transform the heart of patient care and medical education. Dr. Panda is the Assistant Dean for Well-Being and Medical Student Education and a Professor of Medicine at the University of Tennessee, College of Medicine at Chattanooga, and is a former chair of the Department of Internal Medicine. Author of over 60 publications, her writing focuses on educational and curricular development, spirituality in medicine, addressing fatigue and stress, and promoting the well-being of health care professionals.

ACP Physician Well-being and Professional Fulfillment Resources

The American College of Physicians (ACP) is dedicated not only to enhancing the quality and effectiveness of health care, but also the well-being of individual physicians. The ACP offers guidance and resources to promote well-being, focusing on the practice and organizational environment, local communities of well-being, and the physician. Check out the following resources to improve your own well-being and those of your colleagues.


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