July 2016

Medical Student Perspective: Advice from a Third-Year Medical Student
Medical school prepares students extremely well for the content of standardized exams, the material we are expected to know on the wards, and how to interact with and examine patients. But nothing had prepared me for the pain; suffering; and, at times, utter devastation I would witness in the hospital.

My Kind of Medicine: Real Lives of Practicing Internists
Colonel Andrew Niven, MC, had his first brush with doctoring when he inadvertently corrected his mother’s dislocated finger as a young boy.

Subspecialty Careers: Geriatric Medicine
Geriatric medicine involves the recognition of differences in presentation of disease and the importance of maintaining functional independence in elderly patients. Geriatrics is a primary care discipline oriented toward preventive, routine, acute, and chronic medical care of elderly patients.

In the Clinic

Dementia is defined as a decline in 2 or more cognitive capacities, causing impairment in function but not alertness or attention. The decline in cognition distinguishes it from lifelong intellectual disability (previously called "mental retardation") and single learning disorders, both of which are present from birth and symptomatic in childhood.

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