January 2022

ACP IMpact

January is National Mentoring Month which honors the power of relationships. Mentors play an important role in the development of their mentees and the greater internal medicine community. ACP has developed a NEW Mentor Resource Library. Access videos, checklists, tools, and resources developed to support mentees and mentors as they embark on mentoring relationships.


Team Up to Treat Opioid Addiction

(from the Sept 2021 ACP Hospitalist)

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take lives, the opioid epidemic appears to be getting worse in tandem.

I.M. Internal Medicine

Spotlight: Martha Carvour, MD, PhD

Read how Dr. Carvour became a physician-scientist and how she describes a typical day in her practice.

ACP Council of Student Members (CSM) Spotlight

Organized Medicine Who? Navigating the Role of Physician Organizations for Medical Trainees

Let's get to meat of this subject: How can organized medicine truly affect my life as a medical student?

Medical Student Perspective

Please Don't Call Me Doctor, Yet

I reached out to my mentor and shared my insecurities about feeling qualified to lead this group of talented and ambitious students. I was looking to my mentor to support me by saying, “Yes, you are qualified.” Instead, I got, “Well, no offense, but you're probably not. Right?”

Advocacy Update

ACP’s 2021 End of Year Advocacy Highlights: Advocating to Support Internists and their Patients

Check out ACP’s 2021 Highlights graphic flyer to see all that ACP has advocated for this year.  From advancing the value of internal medicine and primary care, to supporting internists' needs during the COVID-19 crisis, ACP has been active working for our members and our patients. Also highlighted are ACP’s work to address racial disparities and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, improve Board certification policies and procedures and details about positive change in the CMS 2022 Physician Fee Schedule and new federal programs that reflect ACP recommendations.

Visit ACP’s Advocacy section to view the flyer and keep up with all of ACP Advocacy’s efforts.

Analyzing Annals

The Health Benefits of Urgent Upstream Action on Climate Change

Climate change has immediate and long-term health implications, and vulnerable populations disproportionately bear the brunt of severe outcomes. This commentary discusses how climate change creates new health problems and inequities and exacerbates existing ones.

Annals of Internal Medicine is the premier internal medicine academic journal published by the American College of Physicians (ACP). It is one of the most widely cited and influential specialty medical journals in the world.

Winning Abstracts

Helping High-Risk Patients Stay Healthy at Home During COVID-19: A Comprehensive Student-Led Clinical and Social Outreach

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients lack access to the critical healthcare and resources they need. The healthcare gap worsened by COVID-19 is especially pressing for patients Grady Health System, Atlanta's safety net hospital, who rely on regular care for multiple complex comorbidities.

Want to have your abstract featured here? ACP holds a National Abstracts Competition as part of the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting every year. Find out more at ACP Online.

Subspecialty and Combined Training Careers

Allergy and Immunology

Allergy and immunology involve the management of disorders related to the immune system. These conditions range from the very common to the very rare, spanning all ages and encompassing various organ systems.

See all the career pathways open to internal medicine doctors and explore a “day-in-the-life” of an IM specialist/subspecialist at the bottom of our “Medical Student Career Path" page.

In the Clinic

Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is a relatively new disease that has reached an incidence similar to that of Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis. With this increased presence, greater recognition is essential. This applies both to children with nonspecific but potentially debilitating symptoms and to adults who have spent years behaviorally compensating for narrow esophageal strictures.

Get Involved

Register for Internal Medicine Meeting: April 28-30, 2022

A special Medical Student track will be available at Internal Medicine Meeting 2022 in Chicago, IL, with valuable educational programming designed to help you prepare personally and professionally for your career in medicine. Register for only $49. Sessions include a Student Story Slam, Mentoring Breakfast, Mastering the Match, and more. View schedule.

NEW ACP Mentoring Resource Library

Check out ACP's new mentoring resources, carefully crafted for both mentees and mentors. Access videos, checklists, tools, and resources to assess if it's the right time to embark on a relationship and if so, how to build one successfully. See more.

IMIG Event Inspiration

AAMC Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) Orientation

Universidad Central del Caribe's ACP IMIG Chapter organized an activity in January 2021 to educate third-year medical students on how to apply to away rotations through the VSAS/VSLO application service.

Chapter Chatter

Utah Chapter Internal Medicine Interest Group Mentoring Program

Recognizing the need to assist medical students as they embark on their new career paths, the Utah Chapter recently launched an IMIG mentoring program. The program matches mentees with Internal Medicine Faculty for the 2021-22 school year with whom they share career interests. The mentoring relationship is specific to each pair with potential for shadowing opportunities, career guidance and research opportunities. The program is in its first year, but the chapter hopes to develop the program over the next few years.


“Quiz Me!” Question

Test your medical knowledge each month with questions from The Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program® (MKSAP).

Which of the following abnormalities is demonstrated on this electrocardiogram?

The Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program® (MKSAP) has been the “go-to” resource for board prep and lifelong learning since 1967. Learn more.


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