August 2019


Bringing medicine to the streets

A newly formed street medicine fellowship is allowing academic centers and cities to bring care to homeless patients instead of waiting for them to present to a hospital or shelter.

I.M. Internal Medicine

Spotlight: James S. Withers, MD, FACP

“The way you can craft your career is greater in internal medicine than maybe any specialty, but you can also use internal medicine to connect to your passion for humanism and social justice.”

Advocacy Update

ACP to Congress: Protect Physicians From Overwhelming Medical School Student Loan Debt

(from the June 12, 2019 ACP Advocate)

ACP member testifies before House Small Business Committee about mounting student loan debt and its limitations for physicians.

The ACP Advocate is a bi-weekly e-newsletter that provides ACP members with news about public policy issues affecting internal medicine and patient care.

College News

2018-2019 Annual Report of the Executive Vice President

The American College of Physicians is pleased to announce the release of the 2018-2019 Annual Report of the Executive Vice President. Presented in conjunction with the release of the 2018-2019 Annual Report of the Executive Vice President, ACP will hold a Town Hall webinar on Wednesday, July 24, 2019, at 6:00 pm ET. Click here to register for the ACP Town Hall webinar.

Analyzing Annals

Girl Meets Tumor

On Wednesday afternoons in my first year of medical school, we practiced the physical examination in groups of about 10 students. On one especially humid afternoon, we learned the head and neck examination. Then, my classmates and I learned I had a tumor.

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Winning Abstracts from the 2019 Medical Student Abstract Competition

Mothball Ingestion as a Manifestation of Pica, Leading to Paradichlorobenzene CNS Toxicity

Pica, a poorly understood psychiatric disorder presenting with ingestion of non-nutritious substances, is commonly associated with iron deficiency anemia. Some previously described ingested materials include ice, soil and paint. Mothball abuse may be a newer form of pica and since paradichlorobenzene (PDCB) is considered less toxic, it has largely replaced naphthalene as the primary component in mothballs.

Want to have your abstract featured here? ACP holds a National Abstracts Competition as part of the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting every year. Find out more at ACP Online.

Subspecialty Careers

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

Endocrinology is the subspecialty of internal medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and care of disorders of the endocrine (glandular) system and the associated metabolic dysfunction.

In the Clinic

Care of the Transgender Patient

Barriers to accessing appropriate and culturally competent care contribute to health disparities in transgender persons, such as increased rates of certain types of cancer, substance abuse, mental health conditions, infections, and chronic diseases. Thus, it is important that clinicians understand the specific medical issues that are relevant to this population.

Get Involved

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