ACP Membership Auto-Renewal FAQs

Automatic renewal is a convenient way to annually renew your membership before it expires. Each year, your designated credit card will be charged for mandatory ACP national and chapter dues, ensuring that you remain a member in good standing without the need to manually submit your payment and helping avoid any accidental lapses in membership.

What is included in Auto-Renewals?

Both ACP National (including ACP Services) and Chapter Dues, which are mandatory in order to remain a member in good standing, are included in this auto-renewal process. They will renew at the membership rate in place at the time of renewal.  

When and how will I be charged?

If you have a balance due at the time of your enrollment in the auto-renewal process, the full amount for membership dues will be collected at that time. Automatic renewals will occur annually thereafter, on or about your anniversary billing date. You will receive an email receipt to confirm payment and your renewal status. A credit card or debit card is required. Note: ACP will not store your credit card number. Instead, ACP will store a credit card company issued encrypted token that represents your credit card. This issued token is only usable by ACP and for this product.      

Will I be notified?

Yes. You will receive an email reminder 30 days in advance of your payment processing. At that   time, you will be given the opportunity to opt-out of the automatic renewal.

Will my dues amount change?

Dues rates do occasionally change, yes. You will be notified of your membership dues rates in email notices 30 days  in advance of the payment being charged to your credit card. You will be given an opportunity at that time to opt-out of the automatic renewal.

Where do I make changes or updates?

Visit MyAccount (, accessible from your MyACP ( portal. Members may also cancel auto-renewal at any time by contacting the Member and Product Support team:

What if my card is no longer valid?

If we are unable to process your payment for any reason, you will be notified via email and/or phone by an ACP Member and Product Support representative. If your card is not current, auto-renewal will be de-activated and re-enrollment will be required either online or by phone. Your membership will not be renewed until payment is received.

You can change your credit card information yourself by visiting MyAccount on (or follow the link on

I received a dues email showing an upcoming payment, but the credit card information is incorrect. How can I change it?

You can change your credit card information yourself by visiting MyAccount on (or follow the link on

How do I change my credit card information if the card I use for auto-renewal expires?

If you realize that your card expired before the auto-renewal can be processed, you can change your credit card information yourself by visiting MyAccount on (or follow the link on 

If you need assistance with making this change, our Member and Product Support team is always available to assist: (Please note that we can only accept credit card information via phone, however, since email and web chat are not authorized for sharing credit card information.)