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Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) Sponsorship Program

Welcome to the homepage for ACP IMIG Sponsorship Program! Here you will find a variety of information on how the program works, a time line of key program dates, as well as resources for IMIG leaders, and updated participation reports to help your IMIG club reach the 30% recruitment goal.

How does the IMIG Sponsorship Program work?

The ACP IMIG Sponsorship Program provides funding and resources to internal medicine interest groups (IMIG) in U.S. medical schools. A club’s student leader can login and complete the online application in the late spring for the following fall. The club receives an initial $200 in funding and a packet of recruitment materials. Each IMIG group has an opportunity to earn additional funding by recruiting their peers to become ACP Medical Student Members. The recruitment period runs from July 1 to December 31.

The goal is to recruit 30% or more of your medical school’s student body* as ACP Medical Student Members by December 31. The more you recruit, the more funding your club can earn -- up to $1,000 per school** per academic year. The additional (second check) funding is processed after the recruitment period closes on December 31, and clubs are rewarded based on their ACP Medical Student Membership.

  • Clubs that reach the 30% participation goal will receive $2 per ACP Medical Student Member.
  • Clubs that do not reach the 30% participation goal will receive $1 per ACP Medical Student Member.

ACP keeps track of all of the ACP Medical Student Members and sends clubs periodic updates on how close they are to achieving the 30% recruitment goal. The application for Medical Student Member requires individuals to provide their medical school, which allows ACP to send out recruitment updates to IMIG leaders.

*ACP uses enrollment data obtained from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM).

**If your school has multiple campuses, the sponorship will be divided among all of the locations that apply for funding. The maximum amount any school (not location) can receive is $1000.

IMIG Program Timeline

ActionDeadline/Time frame
Early bird IMIG Sponsorship Application Available (Login required) March 15
Early bird IMIG Sponsorship Application Deadline — Submit by June 1 to receive funding and materials before the school year starts June 1
Recruitment period begins July 1
Early bird applications processed — initial checks and recruitment materials mailed Mid-to late July
Late IMIG Sponsorship Application Deadline September 15
Recruitment period ends December 31
Recruitment reward funding processed — second checks mailed Mid-to late February


Resources for IMIG Student Leaders

2015-2016 IMIG Sponsorship Program Participation Charts

Please send any questions about the IMIG Sponsorship Program to imig@acponline.org.

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IM Essentials

IM Essentials brings the self-assessment questions currently in MKSAP for Students and the textbook content of Internal Medicine Essentials for Clerkship Students together into a single, updated and integrated suite of educational materials with a variety of new enhancements. Learn more.