Why Can't I Earn MOC points for All CME Activities?

The ABIM recently encouraged diplomates to contact CME providers such as ACP about earning MOC points for one's participation in current or prior CME activities. This announcement from the ABIM was premature. The ABIM had only explained the new rules and procedures to CME providers a month prior to this, and the systems to award MOC points for CME activities have yet to be built.

ACP is doing everything possible to expedite the process of awarding MOC points for all eligible CME activities. However, several aspects of implementation need to be worked through, including:

  • Building connections from ACP's systems to the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education's (ACCME), which will then transfer data to the ABIM
  • Collecting additional new data from CME participants as required by ACCME and ABIM, including retroactive information
  • Meeting ABIM's requirements for granting MOC points for specific types of CME activities

The ABIM requirements pose a particular challenge for live courses and chapter meetings, which must include a comprehensive evaluation that measures learners' knowledge change. Learners must achieve a passing score and be provided with feedback that includes the rationale for correct answers with relevant citations. ACP is studying methods of implementing a comprehensive evaluation that is the least burdensome for learners.

The systems and procedures are evolving as ACP receives more detailed specifications from the ACCME and the ABIM. Awarding MOC points for CME activities on the national and chapter level is a high priority for ACP. Thank you for your patience as we work toward solutions.