ACP Resources for ABIM Internal Medicine and Hospital Medicine Medical Knowledge Modules

As a benefit of membership, you can gain direct access to ACP knowledge resources to help you complete ABIM’s “Update in Internal Medicine” and “Update in Hospital Medicine” modules, which can be used to earn MOC points.

These resources were compiled to be used as a companion while you go through the ABIM modules. To get the most out of the ACP resources, keep one browser window for ABIM's website open to the “Update in Internal Medicine” or “Update in Hospital Medicine” module, while also using a different browser tab to keep the companion ACP resources open. You must be a member of ACP and a diplomate enrolled in MOC to get started.

Select an ABIM Knowledge Module:

2020-2021 Update in Internal Medicine Now through December 31, 2021
2020-2021 Update in Hospital Medicine Now through December 31, 2021
2020-2021 Update in Hospital Medicine Now through December 31, 2021 - Version 2
2022-2023 Update in Internal Medicine
2022-2023 Update in Hospital Medicine


Instructions for using the Knowledge Resources

  1. Access the “ABIM Activities by Specialty” page and scroll down to “Internal Medicine” or “Hospital Medicine, Focused Practice” links.
  2. Click the “Internal Medicine” or “Hospital Medicine, Focused Practice” link and enter the module by inputting your email and ABIM Physician Portal Password. Once you have logged on, keep the ABIM website open in one browser tab and the ACP knowledge resources open in another.
  3. In the ACP knowledge resources tab, as you go through each ABIM module, you can select the specific Question for which you wish to review ACP knowledge resources.
  4. Click on the link(s) provided in the Related ACP Knowledge list to read ACP knowledge resources related directly to your selected question.
  5. Repeat for each question for which you would like to review ACP knowledge.

ACP Knowledge Resources

The ACP knowledge resources utilized in this application include:

  • MKSAP (currently including content from the 18th Edition)
  • Annals of Internal Medicine - online access to current and past issues of the premier journal of Internal Medicine
  • ACP Books - content from 14 ACP books and two books distributed by ACP
  • DynaMed - the most current, evidence-based clinical decision support tool - free to ACP members

If you are not currently an ACP member, you will not be able to gain access to these resources. Please consider joining ACP. Digital MKSAP subscribers also have access to the fully-functional MKSAP site.