Ischemic Vascular Disease: All or None Outcome Measure

The IVD All-or-None Measure is one outcome measure (optimal control). The measure contains four goals. All four goals within a measure must be reached in order to meet that measure. The numerator for the all-or-none measure should be collected from the organization's total IVD denominator. All-or-None Outcome Measure (Optimal Control) - Using the IVD denominator optimal results include: Most recent blood pressure (BP) measurement is less than 140/90 mm Hg -- And Most recent tobacco status is Tobacco Free -- And Daily Aspirin or Other Antiplatelet Unless Contraindicated -- And Statin Use

Date Reviewed: November 19, 2017

Measure Info

MIPS 441 CMS 441
Measure Type
Intermediate Outcome
Measure Steward
Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality
Clinical Topic Area
Ischemic Vascular Disease

Care Setting
Data Source

ACP does not support QPP measure 441: "IVD: All or None Outcome Measure." The developers did not provide adequate information for us to appropriately review the measure. We rated the measure based on the specifications provided on the MIPS website. We do not support this measure because it disregards patient preferences, specifications do not consider factors beyond the clinicians control (e.g., patient adherence, patient access), and it does not align with the Eighth Joint National Committee (JNC-8) recommendations for hypertension management.