HIV medical visit frequency

INACTIVE REVIEW: This measure review is older than five years.

Percentage of patients, regardless of age, with a diagnosis of HIV who had at least one medical visit in each 6-month period of the 24-month measurement period with a minimum of 60 days between medical visits. A medical visit is any visit in an outpatient/ambulatory care setting with a nurse practitioner, physician, and/or a physician assistant who provides comprehensive HIV care.

Date Reviewed: November 7, 2015

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NQF 2079, 3209e NQF Endorsed
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Health Resources Services Administration
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Paper Medical Records

ACP does not support this measure because it is based on outdated guidelines (two CD4 counts per year is no longer the standard; increased intervals for patients that are consistently virologically suppressed) and does not take into account virtual visits or telephone calls for patients who are consistently virologically suppressed.