Colonoscopy Interval for Patients with a History of Adenomatous Polyps-Avoidance of Inappropriate Use

Percentage of patients aged 18 years and older receiving a surveillance colonoscopy, with a history of prior adenomatous polyp(s) in previous colonoscopy findings, which had an interval of 3 or more years since their last colonoscopy.

Date Reviewed: January 27, 2022

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MIPS 185 NQF 0659 NQF Endorsement Removed
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American Gastroenterological Association
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Cancer Screening
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The measure is difficult to implement without the use of a registry because it requires the difficult task of identifying history of adenomatous polyp, which is not always captured through ICD-10 coding. It may require manual abstraction to find that information. Current evidence shows a longer time interval for colonoscopy in patients with certain types of adenomatous polyps and the measure should be updated accordingly based on more recent guidelines. Also, the measure does not state the duration of appropriate follow-up colonoscopies after an initial finding of an adenomatous polyp. The PMC recommends adding a time interval for the follow-up exams to avoid overuse.