CollaboRATE Shared Decision Making Score

CollaboRATE is a patient-reported measure of shared decision making which contains three brief questions that patients, their parents, or their representatives complete following a clinical encounter. The CollaboRATE measure provides a performance score representing the percentage of adults 18 and older who experience a high level of shared decision making.

Date Reviewed: April 1, 2021

Measure Info

NQF 3227
Measure Type
Measure Steward
The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice
Clinical Topic Area
Patient Reported Experience

Care Setting
Outpatient Services
Data Source
Instrument-Based Data

ACP does not support NQF 3227: "CollaboRATE Shared Decision Making Score" for application at the actual/intended level of analysis: “Group Practice” because of uncertain validity. While the PMC wholeheartedly supports prioritizing gaps areas in performance measurement including shared decision-making performance measures, there are concerns with this measure that will need to be addressed first.  The questions are a matter of the patient’s perception and may be lower if the patient and physician do not agree on the course of care.  The instrument is low burden, has predictive and construct validity in terms of measuring how much effort the doctor made at a visit and the extent to which a patient made an informed decision.  However, this measure does not appear to be applicable to general IM.  The data that has been presented is specific to surgery and the PMC does not think you can compare it to the general IM practice.  It seems most appropriate focusing on preference sensitive care.