Obesity Screening

The PMC reviewed relevant performance measures and makes the following recommendations.

ACP does not support this measure.

ID# NQF: 2601

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BMI Screening and Follow-up for People with Serious Mental Illness

The percentage of patients 18 years and older with a serious mental illness who received a screening for body mass index and follow-up for those people who were identified as obese (a body mass index greater than or equal to 30 kg/m2).
Note: The proposed health plan measure is adapted from an existing provider-level measure for the general population (Preventive Care & Screening: Body Mass Index: Screening and Follow-Up NQF #0421). It is currently stewarded by CMS and used in the Physician Quality Reporting System.
Date Reviewed: Jul. 21, 2018


ACP supports this measure with modifications.

ID# QPP 128
ID# NQF 0421

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Preventive Care and Screening: Body Mass Index (BMI) Screening and Follow-up

Percentage of patients aged 18 years and older with a BMI documented during the current encounter or during the previous six months AND with a BMI outside of normal parameters, a follow-up plan is documented during the encounter or during the previous six months of the current encounter Normal Parameters: Age 18 years and older BMI => 18.5 and < 25 kg/m2
Date Reviewed: November 19, 2017