The PMC reviewed relevant performance measures and makes the following recommendation.

July 2018 version of printable recommendations.

ACP does not support this measure.

ID# NQF: 2602

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Controlling High Blood Pressure for People with Serious Mental Illness

The percentage of patients 18-85 years of age with serious mental illness who had a diagnosis of hypertension (HTN) and whose blood pressure (BP) was adequately controlled during the measurement year.
Note: This measure is adapted from an existing health plan measure used in a variety of reporting programs for the general population (NQF #0018: Controlling High Blood Pressure). It was originally endorsed in 2009 and is owned and stewarded by NCQA. The specifications for the existing measure (Controlling High Blood Pressure NQF #0018) have been updated based on 2013 JNC-8 guideline. NCQA will submit the revised specification for Controlling High Blood Pressure NQF #0018 in the 4th quarter 2014 during NQF’s scheduled measure update period. This measure uses the new specification to be consistent with the current guideline.
Date Reviewed: Jul. 21, 2018