Adults with Diabetes Mellitus That Had a Serum Creatinine in the Last 12 Reported Months

INACTIVE REVIEW: This measure review is older than five years.

This measure identifies adults with diabetes mellitus that had a serum creatinine test in last 12 reported months

Date Reviewed: November 23, 2013

Measure Info

NQF 0604 NQF Endorsed
Measure Type
Measure Steward
Clinical Topic Area
Chronic Kidney Disease

Care Setting
Post-Acute Care
Data Source
Electronic Health Records

ACP does not support NQF 0604: “Adult(s) with Diabetes Mellitus that had a Serum Creatinine in Last 12 Reported Months.” While this may be a common clinical practice, the ACP guideline states that there is inconclusive evidence to support serum creatinine testing in asymptomatic adults with risk factors (i.e. diabetic patients). In addition, there is insufficient evidence to support the timing of a serum creatinine assessment (i.e. annual assessment).