Readership Surveys

Twice a year, Annals of Internal Medicine, ACP Internist, and ACP Hospitalist participate in syndicated readership surveys along with all other medical journals in the field. The surveys measure which journals internists are reading and their reading habits of these journals. The surveys contain a picture of each journal's cover and include some of the following questions:

  • Out of every 4 issues, how many do you read or look through?
  • How do you read or look through an average issue?
  • What percent of pages do you read or look at per issue?

The surveys are mailed to a random sample of internists for response. Media professionals use these surveys as an advertising buying tool to select those journals that are the best read. Those journals with higher reader scores are rated more favorably. The higher reader scores usually translate into additional sponsorship dollars and are very important to ACP and enable us to continue to produce the high-quality publications that you expect.

If you are a recipient of this survey, we hope that you will take the time to complete and return it. ACP thanks you for your efforts.