Teaching in Your Office

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Teaching in Your Office: A Guide to Instructing Medical Students and Residents is a print and electronic resource for physicians interested in improving their skills in office-based teaching. The print product is a comprehensive resource for physicians interested in improving their techniques in office-based teaching while maintaining the efficiency of their practices. The book covers teaching skills in a format succinct and focused enough to allow busy clinicians to identify chapters that address their specific needs. Additionally, each major topic is summarized in an Appendix that includes additional tips, tools, and resources for preceptors. Teaching in Your Office can be purchased online from the American College of Physicians.

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The electronic resource compliments and enhances the book with additional faculty development resources and teaching/evaluation tools.

Assessment Methods and Tools

Methods and tools from noted teaching programs and accrediting agencies

A collection of DVDs demonstrating the proper performance of selected procedural, physical examination, and communication skills

Evaluation Form-Electronic

A free electronic evaluation form for use on a desktop computer and/or PDA to help the preceptor record and track simple assessments of learner performance over time.

Selected Faculty Development Programs and Resources

Independent study materials to improve teaching skills.

Teaching Evidence Based Medicine

Resources to assist preceptors teach evidence based medicine

Tools to Organize the Learner

Scripts for novice learners to aid history and physical examination

Procedural Checklists

Checklists used to teaching selected procedures in the office


References cited in the book with direct links to PubMed