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ACP Hospitalist

Publisher: American College of Physicians
Executive Editor: Jennifer Kearney-Strouse
Editor: Stacey Butterfield
Established: 2007
Frequency: Monthly in print and online
Audience: Hospital-based internists, hospital-based internal medicine subspecialists, third-year internal medicine residents, residency program directors
Projected Circulation: 33,303

ACP Hospitalist is the resource that hospital-based internists and third-year internal medicine residents read for news and information about the practice of hospital medicine.

ACP Hospitalist covers the trends in hospital medicine, including:

  • Advances in health care technology
  • Clinical controversies
  • Staffing and scheduling innovations
  • Salary trends
  • Reimbursement news affecting hospitalists
  • Patient safety and quality-of-care issues
  • Evidence-based medicine
  • The latest research news