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News Release Archive - 2017


12/20/17 Internists Say Tax Legislation Could Harm Health Care for Millions of Americans
12/11/17 American College of Physicians Calls for Elimination of Physician Compensation Disparities Based on Personal Characteristics
12/06/17 New clinician resource available explains biological impact of aging on immunity and the importance of vaccines
12/01/17 American College of Physicians Supports New Report on Prescription Affordability


11/30/17 American College of Physicians Urges Senate to Vote No on Tax Bill
11/21/17 American College of Physicians Offers Recommendations to Improve CMS’s Approach to Testing New Payment Models
11/21/17 American College of Physicians Says Efforts to Increase Health Care Price Transparency are Vital
11/16/17 ACP and CDC issue recommendations for hepatitis B screening, vaccination, and care
11/16/17 America’s Frontline Physicians Oppose Efforts to Eliminate the Individual Mandate
11/08/17 Internists Say that all Health Care Payers Should Support Innovative Payment Models
11/06/17 Internists Again Call for Policies to Reduce Injury and Deaths from Firearms
11/06/17 American College of Physicians Says Patient Safety Must be Improved in Office-Based Practice Settings
11/03/17 Internists Encouraged by Payment Rules from CMS, Note Key Areas of Concern


10/31/17 Internists Express Support for CMS on its Patients Over Paperwork and Meaningful Measures Initiatives
10/26/17 Internists Encouraged at Administration’s Acknowledgment that Opioid Crisis is a Public Health Emergency
10/17/17 How ACP members can support recent disaster recovery and aid efforts
10/13/17 America’s Frontline Physicians Urge Immediate Reversal of Decision to Discontinue CSR Payments
10/12/17 Group of 6 Statement on President Trump’s Health Care Executive Order
10/12/17 ACP: Executive Order May Result in Significant Harm to Patients by Allowing Plans to Circumvent Health Insurance Market Rules
10/06/17 American College of Physicians Objects to Overhaul of Contraception Mandate
10/02/17 ACP Calls for Policies to Reduce Injury and Deaths from Firearms
10/02/17 American College of Physicians Says Medicare Advantage Should Increase Transparency, Align, and Reduce Burden


09/28/17 Internists Urge President Trump to ‘Consider Taking Additional Actions’ to Provide Relief in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands
09/26/17 America’s Frontline Physicians Relieved Graham-Cassidy Failed to Come to a Vote
09/26/17 Internists Express Relief Over Failure of Latest ACA Repeal Bill
09/25/17 Internists Reaffirm ‘Strongest Possible Opposition’ to Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson Proposal
09/25/17 America’s Frontline Physicians Say Revised Graham-Cassidy Stands to Do Even More Harm to Patients
09/19/17 American College of Physicians Reaffirms Opposition to Legalization of Physician-Assisted Suicide
09/14/17 America’s Front-line Physicians Tell Senate it is Imperative to Stabilize Health Insurance Markets
09/14/17 ACP to Senate: Efforts to Stabilize Health Insurance Markets Should First, Do No Harm to Patients
09/13/17 Internists Oppose Graham-Cassidy Proposal
09/12/17 ACP Submits Recommendations on 2018 Physician Fee Schedule Proposal
09/07/17 Internal Medicine Organizations to Explore New Options for Physicians Maintaining Board Certification
09/05/17 President Trump’s Decision to Eliminate DACA Will Do Great Harm to the United States


08/25/17 Internists Lay Out Priorities for Administrative Burden Relief to House Committee on Ways and Means
08/24/17 American College of Physicians Supports Updated Naloxone Guidance from AMA Opioid Task Force
08/22/17 Internists Offer Recommendations to CMS' Proposed Medicare Quality Payment Program Rule
08/14/17 American College of Physicians Says Hate Crimes are Public Health Issue


07/31/17 American College of Physicians reminds adults that vaccines aren’t just for kids
07/28/17 Frontline Physicians Praise Senate Vote on Repeal, Stand Ready to Work on Bipartisan Solutions to Health Care
07/28/17 ACP Applauds Senate for Rejecting Health Care Legislation that Would Harm Patients
07/27/17 ACP Says Transgender Individuals Should Not Be Barred from Military
07/25/17 Senate Vote Starts Process to Take Coverage from Millions
07/19/17 Affordable Care Act Repeal Without Replacement Harms Patients
07/18/17 Internal Medicine Physicians Pleased With Proposed Rule to Improve Medicare Payments
07/13/17 Internists Reaffirm 'Strongest Opposition Possible' to The Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) of 2017


06/29/17 ACP Applauds House for Passage of Multifaceted Approach to Medical Liability Reform
06/28/17 Internists Make Recommendations at Meeting with HHS Secretary
06/27/17 Supreme Court Decision Allowing Parts of Travel Ban to Go Into Effect Creates Uncertainty
06/27/17 ACP Says Postponed Health Care Vote Confirms Fundamentally Flawed Bill
06/26/17 American College of Physicians and the National Minority Quality Forum partner to improve quality of care for African Americans with heart failure
06/26/17 American College of Physicians names new Senior Vice President for Medical Educatione
06/22/17 ACP Expresses ‘Strongest Opposition’ to Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017
06/22/17 America’s Frontline Physicians Denounce the Better Care Reconciliation Act
06/21/17 ACP’s Initial Review of QPP Proposed Rule ‘Encouraging’
06/01/17 ACP Decries Withdrawal from Climate Agreement


05/23/17 ACP Brings Prescription to Improve American Health Care to Congress
05/09/17 American College of Physicians issues guideline for treating low bone density or osteoporosis to prevent fractures in women and men
05/05/17 ACP Urges Vigilance to Ensure New EO Does Not Result in Loss of Access to Care, Discrimination
05/04/17 America’s Frontline Physicians Urge U.S. Senate to Find a New Way Forward with Health Care
05/04/17 ACP ‘Extremely Disappointed’ by House Vote to Pass the AHCA; Urges Senate to Reject the Bill and Start Over


04/28/17 American College of Physicians Praises Blocked Health Insurance Merger
04/24/17 Internists Urge Congress to ‘Move Away’ From Harmful Changes to Patient Care That Would Result From AHCA Becoming Law


03/31/17 Internists Underscore: It’s time for Congress to craft real solutions for U.S. health-care system
03/31/17 Internists discuss the Quality Payment Program; share implementation experiences
03/30/17 Internists recommend how to prevent and treat substance use disorders
03/30/17 Internists say President’s Opioid Abuse Commission is a Step Toward Effective Treatment
03/30/17 Internists Say Patient Care Needs to Come Before Paperwork
03/30/17 New Tool Helps Internists Prepare for the Quality Payment Program
03/30/17 Annals of Internal Medicine Publishes Annual ‘Updates’ in Internal Medicine
03/29/17 Annals of Internal Medicine and ACP Announce Recipients of Junior Investigator Recognition Awards
03/28/17 ACP Decries Devastating Impact of Climate Change Order
03/28/17 ACP issues recommendations to prevent and treat substance use disorders
03/28/17 ACP Says Excessive Administrative Tasks Negatively Impact Patient Care
03/27/17 ACP Celebrates Winners of 2017 Herbert S. Waxman Chief Resident Teaching Scholarships
03/27/17 ACP announces winners of National Abstract Competitions
03/24/17 America’s Front Line Physicians Urge Congress to Find a New Way Forward to Protect Patients’ Access to Care
03/24/17 ACP: It’s Time for Congress to Go Back to the Drawing Board to Craft Real Solutions for Our Health-Care System
03/23/17 ACP: With Postponement of ACA Repeal Vote, It’s Time for Congress to Go Back to the Drawing Board
03/21/17 Internists Reiterate ‘Strong Opposition’ to AHCA After Last Night’s Amendments
03/21/17 ACP: Medical profession must examine and address ethical use of EHRs and health IT
03/17/17 ACP pleased with continued increase in internal medicine residency positions in 2017
03/16/17 Internists Deeply Concerned by Administration’s Fiscal Year 2018 “Skinny” Budget Proposal
03/07/17 America’s Front Line Physicians Express Serious Concerns with the American Health Care Act
03/07/17 Internists say the American Health Care Act Will Negatively Impact Patients and Reverse Coverage Gains from the ACA
03/06/17 ACP Says Despite Changes, Revised Immigration Executive Order Will Cause Health Care Crises and Encourage Discrimination
03/01/17 Impact on Access, Quality, and Cost of Possible Proposed Changes to ACA Offered by American College of Physicians


02/22/17 ACP Applauds Decision to Uphold Md. Assault Weapons Ban
02/17/17 ACP Applauds Federal Appeals Court Decision Overturning Unconstitutional Florida Ban on Physicians Counseling Patients on Gun Safety
02/15/17 Nation's largest annual gathering of internal medicine doctors meets in San Diego
02/15/17 Herbert S. Waxman Clinical Skills Center provides hands-on learning in San Diego
02/14/17 American College of Physicians issues guideline for treating nonradicular low back pain
02/10/17 American College of Physician Pleased that Court Blocks Discriminatory Executive Order on Immigration
02/07/17 ACP and 11 Health Care Organizations Offer Joint Recommendations On Executive Order on Immigration
02/02/17 Presidents of Five Medical Organizations Representing 500,000 Physicians and Medical Students Meet with U.S. Senators With One Message: Protect Patients’ Access to Health Care


01/31/17 American College of Physicians Issues Comprehensive Statement on U.S. Immigration Policy
01/30/17 ACP reaffirms commitment to non-discrimination
01/25/17 America’s Physicians Stand Together to Protect Women’s Health
01/24/17 American College of Physicians Praises Blocked Health Insurance Merger
01/17/17 ACP and AAFP release guideline for treatment of hypertension in adults 60 years old and older
01/13/17 American College of Physicians Further Dismayed By Today’s House Vote
01/12/17 Internists Disappointed and Dismayed at Senate Vote
01/11/17 Immunizations are safe; guard against serious health problems, hospitalization, and even death
01/09/17 First Do No Harm: Internists Say Congress Needs to Preserve Protections in the ACA
01/06/17 ACP Honors Outstanding Contributions to Medicine in Annual Convocation Ceremony
01/03/17 American College of Physicians Asks Senate to Oppose Repealing Affordable Care Act
01/03/17 Four Leading Medical Organizations Urge Congress to Protect Patients’ Access to Health Care
01/03/17 American College of Physicians updates recommendations for treatment of type 2 diabetes