Internal Medicine Physicians Support Administration’s Efforts to Secure Access to Reproductive Health Care, But More is Needed

Statement attributable to:
Ryan D. Mire, MD, FACP
President, ACP

WASHINGTON August 4, 2022 – The American College of Physicians (ACP) is appreciative of the executive order President Biden signed yesterday, and for the administration’s ongoing efforts to support access to reproductive health care, but more is needed to ensure that all Americans have access to needed medical services.  Similar to the previous executive order that the President issued in July, this action is a welcomed step in assuring access to reproductive care. In particular, this executive order takes the important step of stating that access to abortion and other health care must comply with federal non-discrimination laws. ACP also strongly supports the effort of this order to improve research and data collection on maternal health outcomes.

ACP is extremely dismayed by the threat to health care in our country and the consequences that we are beginning to see as a result of the recent Supreme Court decision. We continue to call for federal and state policymakers to restore protections for individuals providing and receiving evidence-based medical care. We must find a way to work together to restore access to reproductive services, protect the patient-physician relationship, fight against legislative interference in evidence-based health care, and denounce the concept of criminalization in providing health care for the patients we serve.


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