American College of Physician Pleased that Court Blocks Discriminatory Executive Order on Immigration

Attributable to:
Nitin S. Damle, MD, MS, MACP
President, American College of Physicians

(Washington, February 10, 2017)—The American College of Physicians (ACP) applauds the 9th circuit court decision to deny the request to lift the block on the discriminatory executive order on immigration. ACP has been on record calling for the executive order to be rescinded, or permanently blocked by the courts or Congress. The College issued statements on the executive order on January 30, January 31 and February 7.

The executive order is harmful to the practice of medicine and medical education in our country. It unfairly bans or limits travel by physicians and medical students from the 7 named countries who have followed the rules and have valid visas; as well millions of others, because of their religion and country of origin. If the order was allowed to stand, millions of Americans in medically underserved areas could lose access to their physicians who come from the countries subject to the travel ban. It would also disrupt training of foreign-born doctors and medical students in U.S. medical schools and hospitals.

The executive order also puts some of the most vulnerable at an unacceptably increased health risk. Refugees who could be denied entry are put at an increased risk of injury, death, persecution and deprivation.

As important as yesterday's court ruling is in continuing to block implementation of the executive order, it is essential that the order be permanently blocked or rescinded by the courts, Congress or the administration. ACP will continue to strongly advocate for non-discrimination in U.S policy on immigration and refugees.


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