ACP Says New Recommendations from NASEM Could Help Strengthen Primary Care Medicine

Washington, D.C. May 4, 2021 – A new set of recommendations released today by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) could help to improve primary care medicine for patients and physicians, said the American College of Physicians (ACP).  Implementing High-Quality Primary Care: Rebuilding the Foundation of Health Care analyzes the challenges facing primary care and lays out an implementation plan for strengthening primary care medicine. ACP was among the sponsors who commissioned the report.

“We know that general internal medicine specialists and other primary care physicians deliver high-quality care, reduce mortality, provide continuity of care, and reduce overall health care costs,” said George M. Abraham, MD, FACP, FIDSA, president, ACP. “In the United States our health care system has long undervalued primary care, we need changes that better support primary care physicians and recognize the value they bring to patients and our health system.”

The report will help to move the primary care system in the right direction, said ACP.  Many of the recommendations that were included are in agreement with recommendations that ACP made in their Vision for the U.S. Health Care System, that was published in early 2020. Similar recommendations are also reflected in ACP’s policy on Aligning GME Policy with the Nation’s Health Care Workforce Needs.

“Absent changes in policies to make primary care more attractive and rewarding to new physicians and to sustain those already in practice, we won’t have a system that functions well enough to meet our patients’ needs,” continued Dr. Abraham. “We look forward to working with NASEM and other stakeholders to identify the best ways to carry out the report’s recommendations.”


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