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ACP Presidents


1915-21 Reynold Webb Wilcox, MACP, New York, New York
1921-23 James M. Anders, MACP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1923-25 Harlow Brooks, MACP, New York, New York
1925-27 Alfred Stengel, MACP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1927-28 Frank Smithies, MACP, Chicago, Illinois
1928-29 Charles F. Martin, MACP, Montreal
1929-30 John H. Musser, MACP, New Orleans, Louisiana
1930-31 Syndey R. Miller, MACP, Baltimore, Maryland
1931-32 S. Marx White, MACP, Minneapolis, Minnesota
1932-33 Francis M. Pottenger, MACP, Monrovia
1933-34 George Morris Piersol, MACP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1934-35 Jonathan C. Meakins, MACP, Montreal
1935-36 James A. Miller, MACP, New York, New York
1936-37 Ernest B. Bradley, MACP, Lexington, Kentucky
1937-38 James H. Means, MACP, Boston, Massachusetts
1938-39 William J. Kerr. MACP, San Francisco, California
1939-40 O. H. Perry Pepper, MACP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1940-41 James D. Bruce, MACP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1941-42 Roger I. Lee, MACP, Boston, Massachusetts
1942-44 James E. Paullin, MACP, Atlanta, Georgia
1944-46 Ernest E. Irons, MACP, Chicago, Illinois
1946-47 David P. Barr, MACP, New York, New York
1947-48 Hugh J. Morgan, MACP, Nashville, Tennessee
1948-49 Walter W. Palmer, MACP, New York, New York
1949-50 Reginald Fitz, MACP, Boston, Massachusetts
1950-51 William S. Middleton, MACP, Madison, Wisconsin
1951-52 Maurice C. Pinoffs, MACP, Baltimore, Maryland
1952-53 T. Grier Miller, MACP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1953-54 LeRoy H. Sloan, MACP, Chicago, Illinois
1954-55 Cyrus C. Sturgis, MACP, Ann Arbor, Michigan
1955-56 George F. Strong, MACP, Vancouver, B.C.
1956-57 Walter L. Palmer, MACP, Chicago, Illinois
1957-58 Richard A. Kern, MACP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1958-59 Dwight L. Wilbur, MACP, San Francisco, California
1959-60 Howard P. Lewis, MACP, Portland, Oregon
1960-61 Chester S. Keefer, MACP, Boston, Massachusetts
1961-62 Chester M. Jones, MACP, Boston, Massachusetts
1962-63 Franklin M. Hanger, MACP, New York, New York
1963-64 Wesley W. Spink, MACP, Minneapolis, Minnesota
1964-65 Thomas M. Durant, MACP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1965-66 A. Carlton Ernstene, MACP, Cleveland, Ohio
1966-67 Irving S. Wright, MACP, New York, New York
1967-68 Rudolfo H. Kampmeier, MACP, Nashville, Tennessee
1968-69 H. Marvin Pollard, MACP, Ann Arbor, Michigan
1969-70 Samuel P. Asper, MACP, Baltimore, Maryland
1970-71 James W. Haviland, MACP, Seattle, Washington
1971-72 Hugh R. Butt, MACP, Rochester, Minnesota
1972-73 William A. Sodeman, MACP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1973-74 Walter B. Frommeyer, Jr., MACP, Birmingham, Alabama
1974-75 Truman G. Schnabel, Jr., MACP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1975-76 Robert G. Petersdorf, MACP, Seattle, Washington
1976-77 Jack D. Myers, MACP, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1977-78 James A. Clifton, MACP, Iowa City, Iowa
1978-79 Jeremiah A. Barondess, MACP, New York, New York
1979-80 Richard W. Vilter, MACP, Cincinnati, Ohio
1980-81 Stuart O. Bondurant, Jr., MACP, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
1981-82 Thomas F. Frawley, MACP, St. Louis, Missouri
1982-83 Daniel D. Federman, MACP, Boston, Massachusetts
1983-84 Richard J. Reitemeier, MACP, Rochester, Minnesota
1984-85 Saul J. Farber, MACP, New York, New York
1985-86 Edward W. Hook, MACP, Charlottesville, Virginia
1986-87 Ceylon S. Lewis, MACP, Tulsa, Oklahoma
1987-88 Lawrence Scherr, MACP, Manhasset, New York
1988-89 Ralph O. Wallerstein, MACP, San Francisco, California
1989-90 Edwin P. Maynard, FACP, Boston, Massachusetts
1990-91 Norton J. Greenberger, Kansas City
1991-92 Eugene A. Hildreth, Reading, Pennsylvania
1992-93 Willis C. Maddrey, Dallas, Texas
1993-94 Paul F. Griner, Rochester, New York
1994-95 Clifton R. Cleaveland, Chattanooga, Tennessee
1995-96 Gerald E. Thomson, New York, New York
1996-97 Christine K. Cassel, New York, New York
1997-98 William A. Reynolds, Missoula, Montana
1998-99 Harold C. Sox, Lebanon, New Hampshire
1999-2000 Whitney W. Addington, Chicago, Illinois
2000-2001 Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, Atlanta, Georgia
2001-2002 William J. Hall, Rochester, New York
2002-2003 Sara Walker, Columbia, Missouri
2003-2004 Munsey S. Wheby, Charlottesville, Virginia
2004-2005 Charles K. Francis, Los Angeles, California
2005-2006 C. Anderson Hedberg, Chicago, Illinois
2006-2007 Lynne M. Kirk, Dallas, Texas
2007-2008 David C. Dale, Seattle, Washington
2008-2009 Jeffrey P. Harris, Millwood, Virginia
2009-2010 Joseph W. Stubbs, Albany, Georgia
2010-2011 J. Fred Ralston, Jr. Fayetteville, Tennessee
2011-2012 Virginia L. Hood, Burlington, Vermont
2012-2013 David L. Bronson, Cleveland, Ohio
2013-2014 Molly Cooke, San Francisco, California
2014-2015 David A. Fleming, Columbia, Missouri
2015-2016 Wayne J. Riley, Nashville, TN

Page updated: 5/4/15

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