Meet a Council Member

Chapter ECP Leader News Update

Ross W. Hilliard, MD, FACP

Despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, being a member of the CECP has been a genuine privilege. In fact, watching the response of ACP members and staff to COVID-19 has provided a source of strength and has increased my own sense of pride being a member of the College.

I wear several “hats” in my job, including as an Associate Residency Director, an Inpatient Hospitalist Attending, as well as the Medical Director for outpatient medicine of the Rhode Island Free Clinic. In addition to my clinical work, I have the privilege of helping to direct the informatics infrastructure of both our health system (Lifespan) and physician group (Brown Physicians, Inc.). My interest in informatics is principally to make both electronic health records (EHRs) we use less burdensome and more helpful to my clinical colleagues. My research has also focused on the burdens of the EHR, particularly when it comes to ambulatory medicine and things like the inbox. We are in a phase of EHR adoption where there are many opportunities to make these systems work more as aids, rather than adding to our work burden. It may not always seem like it, but I do see a trajectory where the burdens of the EHR are outweighed by very clear benefits, and it's my goal to make this happen as quickly and safely as possible.

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