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The University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Columbia has designated April as Capstone Month for graduating students. The program is directed by Nancy A. Richeson, MD, Professor and Assistant Dean for Clinical Assessment. Capstone Month is filled with lectures, workshops, and small group sessions on a wide variety of topics. Each student prepares an essay on a memorable experience for presentation before their peers. I had the good fortune to serve as a guest speaker during Capstone Month 2003 where I heard the following essays. Capstone Month is a unique way to celebrate and to summarize the medical school experience.

Clif Cleaveland

Capstone articles are presented by:

  • Michael Barilovits
  • Aaron Collins
  • Herbie Cooper, MD
  • Allison M. Dean, MD
  • Greg Fleming, MD
  • Emily Foster, MD
  • Paula A. Luther, MD
  • Brad Markowitz, MD
  • Ben Mchityre, MD
  • Vin Nagaraj, MD
  • Brandi Newsome, MD
  • Ajita Prabhu, MD
  • Matthew Thoma, MD
  • Cory White, MD