Maryland Chapter News

AMAZING Soccer Tournament

(October 2023) Our 10th Annual Maryland ACP Soccer tournament held September 28, 2023, was a resounding success!  We had 7 teams participate this year including a student team from the University of Maryland who gave our residents a “run for their money.”  We also had an entire cheerleading bench, and around 80 attendees.

But of course when the soccer balls were finally at a standstill, we did have a winner and second place for this tournament. Congrats to our FIRST PLACE winners, MHIM!  This is the first time that MHIM has won the tournament so special kudos to the group. Congratulations also to University of Maryland/VA who came up through the loser’s bracket and almost pulled off a repeat victory similar to last year.

Thanks to all of the programs who allowed us to have 7 teams including - UMMC/VA, UMMC/Midtown, GBMC, St. Agnes, Sinai, MHIM and University of Maryland students.

We cannot send enough “thanks” to our programs who participate each year and come ready to play.  This is an amazing event, and we believe it is the only one in the country for residents.

Soccer TournamentSoccer TournamentSoccer Tournament

2023 Chapter Excellence Award – Gold Winner

Chapter Excellence Award Bronze We are pleased to announce that our chapter is in receipt of the Gold Level of the 2023 Chapter Excellence Award! The award recognizes truly extraordinary chapters that surpass excellence in chapter management. We are in the company of 54 other outstanding chapters. In order to achieve the Gold Level of the Chapter Excellence Award, chapters must meet nineteen Bronze criteria, seventeen Silver criteria and multiple Gold level activities. Criteria include such activities as having a legislative action plan or agenda, holding a volunteerism/community service activity, holding multiple stand-alone meetings, having revenue sources outside of dues and meeting registration fees, implementing a strategic plan, implementing a formal recruitment and retention plan and measuring outcomes, conducting various activities for Medical Students, Residents and Early Career Physicians.

We would like to extend a special thanks to those chapter members who assisted us in all of these endeavors! For their hard work and dedication, we received this award.

First CRAB Meeting – A Wonderful Kick-off to 23-24!

(August 2023) Our first Chief Residents Association of Baltimore (CRAB) hosted another successful kick-off to 23-24. Thanks to all of our CRAB members who were able to attend the meeting/dinner on Thursday evening. We are sharing a picture with you of our attendees.  Great company & great food – what could be better?

We were able to accomplish much and would like to share some with you for your calendar.

Our first and most important item was the election of our new CRAB co-chairs – Drs. Omer Bajwa (AAMC); Maria Martinez Cruz (MHIM); Cydney Nguyen (UMMC/VA); and Sravanti Barla (St. Agnes Hospital). We also have Chiefs who have kindly volunteered to assist with Twitter (Dr. Shiavax Rao) and Instagram (Dr. Pooja Patel).  

Please share these dates and chapter activities with your residents and faculty:

  • Soccer Tournament – September 28, 6:00 PM, Brooklyn Park Youth Fields (See the flyer attached). Which residency program will emerge as the victors this year?
  • Volunteerism Activity –September 18, 6:30 PM at St. Leo’s Church in Little Italy, MD. Making sandwiches for the homeless for Beans & Bread.  All are welcome! 
  • Bocce Ball & Pizza – Welcome to Baltimore – September 30, 11:00 to 12:30 – Bocce Ball Courts in LI  – for residents & students, sponsored by our IMG committee --  Come for the Game & Tips about settling in to B’More.
  • Melting Potluck Dinner – Thursday, December 7, 6:30 PM - St. Agnes Auditorium – Presentation:  Financial Contract & Negotiations – Graduate Budget 101 - – Please bring a dish to share and we hope a few people will share a story about a holiday tradition too after the formal presentation. 
  • Acupuncture Workshop – October 28, 2023, 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM  –VA Loch Raven MD – Detailed info available in September.   Dr. Xiangrong Shao and Sayed Khan will teach us some basic techniques in a hands-on workshop
  • Doctors Dilemma Contest – January 27, 1:15 to 5:00 PM at Turf Valley, or better yet, join us for the whole ACP Maryland Chapter Meeting Friday January 26-Saturday January 27. Great talks, and residents and students join for free. 
  • Mulholland Mohler Residents Meeting – Thursday, May 9, 2024 at St. Agnes Hospital, 8:00 Registration

There were many suggestions for future activities and our CRAB co-chairs will be meeting in September to discuss which events they would like to move forward with. Look for information after this meeting.

We Request Your Feedback on the Proposed Fall 2023 Board of Governors Resolutions

(August 2023) We would like to request your feedback regarding resolutions that will be considered at the Fall 2023 Board of Governors Meeting. With the exception of Resolution 3-F23 which was accepted as a reaffirmation and will not be debated, please review the balance of the slate and then indicate your support or opposition by completing the resolutions electronic response form by August 30th.

After considering the intent of each resolution and how it fits with the College’s Mission and Goals, please provide your feedback on each resolution and indicate your support or opposition by completing the electronic response form by August 30. Your input will be used as part of testimony on behalf of the chapter.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to provide comments regarding these resolutions. By providing your feedback on the Board of Governors resolutions, you have helped to shape College policy that impacts the practice of internal medicine.

Congratulations New Chapter Fellows

  • Simona C Eng, DO FACP
  • Sonal Gandhi, MD FACP
  • Saumitra Kant, MD FACP
  • Hamid Kiabayan, MD FACP

(July 2023) Congratulations to the Chapter's new Fellows. Fellowship in the College is an honor. Being an FACP® is a distinction earned from colleagues who recognize your accomplishments and achievements over and above the practice of medicine. The most important considerations for ACP Fellowship are excellence and contributions made to both medicine and to the broader community in which the internal medicine physician lives and practices.

Call for Spring 2024 BOG Resolutions

(July 2023) Are you concerned about a practice or clinical issue or have an idea you'd like to suggest? If so, you might consider submitting a resolution to your Governor or chapter council.  

Initiating a resolution provides ACP members an opportunity to focus attention at the ACP national level on a particular issue or topic that concerns them. Participating in the Board of Governors resolutions process provides the ACP grassroots member a voice and allows you to shape College policy that impacts the practice of internal medicine.

Not sure how to begin drafting a resolution? Researching the College's position on an issue can give you a start. The recently released ACP Board of Governors Resolutions Guide for ACP Members is now available to download and will help, too. The Guide was created to provide members a short overview of the resolutions process essentials and highlights critical ACP online resources you must use.  

Once drafted, members must submit resolutions to their Governor and/or chapter council. Chapter council approval to move resolutions forward to ACP national is required. A resolution becomes a resolution of the chapter once the chapter council approves forwarding it to national. If effecting change interests you, the deadline for submitting new resolutions to be heard at the Spring 2024 Board of Governors Meeting is October 16, 2023.  

Share your good idea with us. Draft a resolution.

BOR Action on Spring 2023 BOG Resolutions

(June 2023) summary of Board of Regents (BOR) actions on resolutions debated at the Spring 2023 Board of Governors (BOG) meeting is now available. Resolutions initiated by ACP members and endorsed by a chapter council and the BOG become ACP policy when adopted by the BOR.

MD ACP Photos of Interest to you!

(June 2023) The MD ACP has been very active during the last few months. Our committees have been meeting and we have several photos that we wanted to share with you.  Please be sure to look at the following from some of these events including the IMM2023 in San Diego, new Senior group, Leadership Day at the Capital, and our Visual Arts at Vacarro's.


Another Amazing MM Residents Meeting - A Day to Celebrate Our Residents!

(May 2023) Another amazing and wonderful MD ACP Mulholland Mohler Residents meeting was held on May 11.  Our goal of having a GREAT event for our residents was once again achieved.  Just a small way to show our appreciation to them.

We also want to take this opportunity to send a few thanks to some special folks:

Thanks to …

Dr. Sapna Kuehl and all of her folks at St. Agnes Hospital, including the award-winning Karen Reyes and Dr. Surendra Sapkota who took all of the beautiful pictures from the event.

Our Judge Leaders and ALL of our Judges with over 40 in attendance and their participation at this event.

Dr. Dobbin Chow who was our “Commissioner” for the day making sure that all ran smoothly.

Our 2 moderators, Drs. Dave Weisman and Christopher Haas, who made sure that the oral sessions ran smoothly and amazingly on time.

Our students from SAH who were able to assist over 182 research and poster presenters to locate and set up their boards for presentations.

All of the Chiefs at our area programs who not only participated in the Chief Resident competition by acting as judges but also made sure that we had a wonderful Profiles in Excellence video.

And thanks to all of our programs for being part of the complicated but efficient system we have for this meeting.

Photos from the 2023 Mulholland Mohler Meeting

List of Winners

Looking forward to another wonderful year for 2024. Please view the list of awardees and please be sure to send your congratulations to them!

Colleen Christmas, MD, FACP
ACP Governor, Maryland Chapter

Chapter Members Elected to ACP Fellowship

(March 2023) We would like to congratulate our chapter members on election to Fellow of the American College of Physicians. The distinction recognizes achievements in internal medicine.

Robert J Degrazia Jr, MD FACP

Christopher Haas, MD PhD FACP

Dima Hnoosh, MD FACP

Maximilian Konig, MD FACP

Sumon Roy, MD FACP

Swaroop Shanker, MBBS FACP

Niloofar Yahyapourjalaly, MD FACP

Pamela Aung, MD FACP

Mona K Gahunia, DO FACP

Sameer Tajudden Shaik Abdul, MD FACP

Shahabuddin Soherwardi, MD FACP

Fellowship is elected upon the recommendation of peers and the review of ACP’s Credentials Subcommittee. They may now use the letters “FACP” after their name in recognition of this honor. Please join me in congratulations!

Later Career and Retirement Chapter Survey

Our Chapter continues to look at ways to better serve all of our membership - from our students to those who hold senior membership in our chapter. Historically, many of our efforts have aimed to support trainees and early career physicians, but we recognize that every phase of life brings gifts as well as challenges.

We'd love your ideas about the roles and programs a Senior Membership Committee could play for chapter members. Please complete this very brief survey, and feel free to reach out to me at at any time with thoughts about this or any other aspect of our chapter you'd like to share! Thanks in advance!

Complete the Survey

Williams Student Conference – Amazing Attendance and Workshops!

The Williams Student Conference was held on Saturday, February 18thth and was another informative event for all who attended and participated.  We were pleased to see everyone from our poster participants, IronMed residents, Student Dilemma, judges, Story Slam students and presenters.   We had over 60 students and 8 Faculty registered for this workshop.  It included a number of activities from a research and clinical vignette poster competition (15 entries), IronMed competition (Drs. K T Thomesen and John Dang from WR), presentations on How to be a Good Clinician by Dr. Sara Mixter, and 7 Habits of Highly Effective Intern by Dr. Sam Kant, and Five Minute Moment (Focus on Behavior Changes) by Dr. Zoobia Wazir Chaudhry.

Thanks to all of our Faculty – Drs. Janaki Deepak, Colleen Christmas, Dobbin Chow, Richard Williams, George Lawrence, Ravitej KhunKhun, Sam Kant, Sara Mixter, Zoobia Wazir Chaudhry, K.T. Thomesen, John Dang, CRAB co-chairs Dr. Sneha Thomas and Andrew Kithasl.

Thanks to our Story Slam presenters – Ahmad Sayeed and Carolina Lopez-Silva!

We hope that you will take the time to look at the pictures which highlight this amazing event for our students.

Congrats to the following Students who are the 2023 Award Winners from this event:

Iron Med Competition

1st Place – Cassandra Seifert (UMSOM)

2nd Place  – Larissa Sidze (SAH)


1st Place – Omar Ahmed (UMSOM)

2nd Place – Urjita Das (UMSOM)

Clinical Vignettes

1st Place – Radhika Gholap - UMSOM

2nd Place – Peter Alexander - SGA/Midtown

Student Dilemma

1st Place – University of Maryland/Midtown Team 2 – Ahmad Sayeed, Hanif Benoit, Mia Trimingham, Crystal Njoku

2nd Place – Johns Hopkins – Andy Lancaster, Carolina Lopez-Silva

3rd Place  – University of Maryland/Midtown Team 3- Subash Acharya, Tyler Nolan, Ahmed Hassan, Sarah Hossain

Special Monetary Awards

Student Achievement Award for Attendance at MD ACP activities 2022/2023 – Ahmad Sayeed

Award for demonstration of exceptional commitment to clinical excellence - Charnice Charmant

2023 Doctor's Dilemma Recap

(February 2023) We were once again impressed with our Doctor's Dilemma® contest held at our Chapter meeting over the weekend. We had 11 teams - 6 heats with over 250 questions answered in the process, 15 judges this year, and several hardworking Chief Residents and Students who were able to adapt to our situation effortlessly.

We are pleased to note that Johns Hopkins Broadway was our first place winner (Drs. Ayotola Fatola, Abhi Gami, Michael Rose, and Olive Tang). Our finalists included Sinai Hospital (2nd place) with Drs. Rishabh Bansal, Paul Dy, Rao Hashim, Devvrat Yadav (Alt. Nymisha Boddeti, and Ayesha Zahid, and in 3rd place for Johns Hopkins Bayview were Drs. Sunwoo Park, Anna Shah, Daniel Thomas and Meiyappan (Karthik) Udayappan. Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in this year's contest including an all-PGY-1 team from our state’s newest residency program at TidalHealth Peninsula! It was a joy to witness the incredible knowledge, but just as much joy to watch the camaraderie and sportsmanship of all who were part of the activity. We are delighted to have the strong support of all of our programs in this contest.

Thanks to the following:

The Judges and Moderators who spent their Saturday afternoon ensuring that the contest was run in an above-board and fair fashion.

CRAB members, co-chairs and some amazing students who manned the buzzers, kept score and made sure that the grid for the contest all went smoothly.

Our IronMed chief residents from Walter Reed who spent much time to make the questions both informative and interesting!

Kudos to Ironmed Winners:

This year, our IronMed Competition ended in a tie with Drs. Laxman Wagle (St. Agnes Ascensio) and Meiyappan (Karthik) Udayappan (Johns Hopkins/Bayview).

FINALLY and most importantly:

Big thanks to Dr. Janaki Deepak who back in October begins the process of developing questions and making sure that the meeting is run perfectly – we could not do this without her! It is a bear to organize, as you can imagine, and Janaki does so with skill and love. Dr. Hameem Kawsar was also key in ensuring questions were of the highest quality, and indeed they were.

So, it takes a village to run Doctor's Dilemma, but thank goodness we have the greatest of all villages to work with here in our Maryland ACP chapter!

Photos from this event are shown below. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2024!

Fall 2022 Chapter Activities Recap

  • Our annual Mulholland Mohler Residents meeting drew over 250 poster and oral submissions. Maryland residents are crushing it!
  • With the start of the new academic year we celebrated leaders from our chapter with a student dinner and CRAB (Chief Residents At Baltimore and Maryland) dinner.
  • The IMG committee held its first official meeting in August. Co-chairs Dr. Aseem Sood from University of Maryland Midtown Campus and Dr. Ravitej Khun Khun from Sinai Hospital are looking for IMG members who would be interested in being part of our current and future activities especially outside of the Baltimore metro area. Please be sure to contact Maryellen, our Chapter staff, at, if you are interested in joining this group or any other committees.
  • We established new committees for Wellness (led by Dr. Hari Devkota) and Volunteerism (led by Dr. Panagis Galiatsatos). Please let Maryellen know if you are interested in joining these or any other chapter committees!
  • We nominated 8 colleagues for national ACP awards. We are so proud to have so many wonderful individuals as members of our Chapter. Congratulations to award winners:

Mastership – Sanjay Desai, MD, MACP and Stephen Sisson, MD, MACP

Alvin R. Feinstein Memorial Award – Daniel J. Morgan, MD

Past Chapter Events

  • We hosted a workshop on a Physician’s Perspective on Gun Control (hosted by our WIM committee) led by Dr. Nargiz Muganlinskaya and Dr. Sapna Kuehl in collaboration with the IMG, Diversity, and Early Career Physicians committees. Be sure to view the YouTube link for this informative workshop including a presentation by Dr. Andrew McGlone, Executive Medical Director, Primary Care and Community Medicine at Luminis Health as well as an ACP Senior Associate for Legislative Affairs, Mr. Jared Frost.
  • Our CRAB committee hosted a Residents’ Soccer Tournament with 80 residents participating from six local residency programs. Congrats to the 1st place winners – University of Maryland/VA, and 2nd place – Ascension St. Agnes.
  • Our amazing co-chairs, Drs. Kim Adkins and Erica Johnson, also took part in a Diversity & Equity workshop in collaboration with the DC and Virginia chapters on November 2nd.
  • Financial Planning Workshop Presented in Collaboration with the Maryland Society of Hospital Medicine 
    November 16, 2022
  • Chapter Meeting January 27-28, 2023
    Meeting theme: Tools to Thriving in Medicine’s New World

To learn about upcoming chapter events, please go to the chapter website

Nuts & Bolts of Poster/Abstract Writing Workshop Recap

(February 2023) We had a very informative and well implemented Nuts & Bolts of Poster/Abstract Writing workshop. Thanks to all of our presenters who gave of their valuable time to allow us to present this informative workshop. It was amazing!

The recorded presentation can be viewed at

Looking forward to seeing all of this good information put to use with our Williams Student Workshop on February 18th at Midtown Towers and the Mulholland Mohler Residents meeting on May 11th at St. Agnes Hospital. Meeting information and registration can be found on the chapter website.

CRAB Advisory Group

Chapter Members Elected to ACP Fellowship

(November 2022) We would like to congratulate our chapter members on election to Fellow of the American College of Physicians. The distinction recognizes achievements in internal medicine.

  • Alicia I. Arbaje, MD, FACP
  • Rahul Bhoite MBBS, FACP
  • Serena M. Ogunwole, MD, FACP

Fellowship is elected upon the recommendation of peers and the review of ACP’s Credentials Subcommittee. They may now use the letters “FACP” after their name in recognition of this honor. Please join me in congratulations!