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Chapter News

Let's Celebrate our Local National Abstract Competition Winners

(May 2022) The Arizona Chapter would like to congratulate the following chapter member on their accomplishments at the 2022 Internal Medicine Meeting National Abstract Competition.

Resident Fellow Poster Winners
Coronary Artery Dissection in the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Damir Vukomanovic, MD 

View the complete list of podium presenters and poster winners at Internal Medicine Meeting 2022.

Congratulations New Arizona Chapter Fellows

  • Fariba M. Donovan, MD, FACP
  • Atul Jain, MD, FACP
  • Khamranie N. Persaud, MD, FACP
  • Carlos Tafich, MD, FACP

(March 2022) Congratulations to the Arizona Chapter's newest Fellows. Fellowship in the College is an honor. Being an FACP® is a distinction earned from colleagues who recognize your accomplishments and achievements over and above the practice of medicine. The most important considerations for ACP Fellowship are excellence and contributions made to both medicine and to the broader community in which the internist lives and practices.

Congratulations New Arizona Chapter Fellows

  • Kalpa M Rathod, MD, FACP
  • Yaminikrishna Sabesan, MBBS, FACP
  • Vishal Verma, MD, FACP

(February 2022) Congratulations to the Arizona Chapter's newest Fellows. Fellowship in the College is an honor. Being an FACP® is a distinction earned from colleagues who recognize your accomplishments and achievements over and above the practice of medicine. The most important considerations for ACP Fellowship are excellence and contributions made to both medicine and to the broader community in which the internist lives and practices.

Support our Local Speakers at Internal Medicine 2022

Join ACP and your colleagues as we reconvene to meet our personal and professional goals. World-renowned faculty will present important topics and the latest evidenced-based clinical and practice information that invite you to discover new ways to improve your own techniques and patient care. Internal Medicine Meeting 2022 will also introduce a refreshed schedule and two plenary gatherings featuring must-see speakers.

We wanted to take a moment to shine a spotlight on this year’s Arizona Chapter Members who are serving as faculty:

  • Ricardo Correa, MD, FACP - Adrenal Disorders: Everything That You Need to Know - Friday, April 29
  • Tisha Lunsford, MD - Functional Dyspepsia - Thursday, April 28
  • Brittane Parker, MD, FACP - The DEI Shift Podcast: Launching a Successful DEI Initiative - Thursday, April 28
  • Juliana Kling, MD, FACP - Mental Health and Psychosocial Considerations of the Well-Woman Exam - Friday, April 29

BOR Action on Fall '21 BOG Resolutions

(December 2021) A summary of Board of Regents (BOR) actions on resolutions debated at the Fall 2021 Board of Governors (BOG) virtual meeting is now available. Resolutions initiated by ACP members and endorsed by a chapter council and the BOG become ACP policy when adopted by the BOR.

If you have an idea you'd like to suggest to ACP, consider submitting a resolution to our chapter.

Congratulations New Arizona Chapter Fellows

  • Akash S. Taggarse, MD, FACP
  • Ibrahim Babbay Barry, MD, FACP
  • Elaine A. Cristan, MD, FACP
  • Alicia Rodriguez-Pla, MD, PhD, FACP

(December 2021) Congratulations to the Arizona Chapter's newest Fellows. Fellowship in the College is an honor. Being an FACP® is a distinction earned from colleagues who recognize your accomplishments and achievements over and above the practice of medicine. The most important considerations for ACP Fellowship are excellence and contributions made to both medicine and to the broader community in which the internist lives and practices.

Congratulations to Dr. Aaronson and Dr. Murcko on their masterships

Congratulations to Robert M. Aaronson, MD, MACP, Tucson, Arizona and Anita C. Murcko, MD, MACP Scottsdale, Arizona, the newest Mastership awardees of the American College of Physicians (MACP) for the Arizona chapter. MACP is one of the most prestigious awards in the college, for those fellows of the college who demonstrate integrity, the utmost professional behaviors, excellence in the practice of medicine, and significant impact on the profession. MACPs represent a very small percentage of college membership. Join me in congratulating them on this tremendous accomplishment.

Nominations are Open for the 2021 ACP Arizona Awards!

Your nomination should summarize the nominee's curriculum vitae, it should come from your personal viewpoint and experience with the nominee and may include personal stories and anecdotes illustrating qualities pertaining to the honor under nomination. 

  • Take a look at the categories below.
  • Send your nominations to by October 4.
  • Award winners will be announced at the 2021 ACP Arizona Chapter Annual Meeting on October 23. 

Arizona Chapter Internist of the Year is given to an ACP AZ Chapter Member, Fellow or Master who has an exemplary record in patient care. The awardee will also be a respected member of the physician community, dedicated to the practice of internal medicine and/or an internal medicine subspecialty and helpful to his/her colleagues.

Arizona Chapter Volunteerism and Community Service Award recognizes a Master, Fellow, Member, or Resident of ACP who has provided volunteer service post-training. Self-nominations are not permitted. Performs services on a voluntary basis and not required for the completion of teaching, training, or position requirements. Volunteer work must have been done as a physician and be medically related. Awardees are eligible for the national award, Oscar E. Edwards Memorial Award for Volunteerism and Community Service.

Arizona Chapter Early Career Physician of the Year is given to an ACP AZ Chapter Member who meets the definition of an Early Career Physician, defined as a physician member of ACP who is within sixteen (16) years of medical school graduation and who is not a medical student or associate member of ACP and who had demonstrated energy and dedication both to their career and to the profession of medicine. The applicant will be considered based on recognition from colleagues, supervisors, residents and students.

Arizona Chapter Educator of the Year is given to an ACP AZ Chapter Member, Fellow or Master who has exhibited exceptional skill and dedication in undergraduate medical education, graduate medical education or continuing medical education. The applicant will be considered based on recognition from learners, scholarly accomplishments in education, and participation in educational administrative activities.

Arizona Chapter Hospitalist of the Year Award is given to an ACP AZ Chapter Member, Fellow or Master who has performed the duties of a full-time inpatient internal Medicine specialist, or “hospitalist”, with expertise and dedication, as demonstrated leadership in quality improvement and education, has consistently delivered high-value and evidence-based care, provided in a patient-focused manner, exemplifying the highest standards of professionalism. The nominee will be considered based on recognition from colleagues, supervisors, residents and/or students.

Arizona Chapter Leader of the Year Award is given to an ACP Arizona Chapter Member, Fellow or Master who is a recognized and respected leader in Arizona medicine. As an internal medicine specialist or subspecialist the nominee will have demonstrated vision, leadership and the capacity to negotiate, develop and implement creative solutions to health care problems, such as, innovative approaches towards novel health system delivery models.

Arizona Chapter Researcher of the Year is given to an ACP AZ Chapter Member, Fellow or Master who has devoted at least half of his/her professional career to clinical and/or basic research. The Award will recognize the awardees body of work which may include research publication in the medical literature and/or significant contributions to the body of scientific knowledge.

Arizona Chapter Resident of the Year is given to an ACP AZ Chapter Resident Member who demonstrates professionalism and leadership in his/her residency program, the medical profession and the community. The Awardee will be characterized by going above and beyond what is required of a resident. Successful nominations will be supported by the Resident’s Program Director.

Arizona Chapter Medical Student of the Year is given to an ACP AZ Chapter Student Member who has demonstrated excellence in scholarship, interest in Internal Medicine, community service and outreach, and who has participated in ACP AZ Chapter and other Internal Medicine-related activities.

Arizona Chapter Women in Medicine award is bestowed upon an ACP member for distinguished contributions to advancing the careers of women in medicine. This award recognizes an individual who has furthered the careers of women medical students, residents, and/or physicians through mentoring and leadership development.

Morton Fuchs Community-Based Education Memorial Award: This award recognizes the Rural Health Professions Program preceptor and student participants for the current year. Founded by Dr. Morton Fuchs, former ACP AZ Governor, the Rural Health Professions Program (RHPP) is a program of the University of Arizona College of Medicine which matches medical students with physicians working in small towns throughout Arizona. This program provides opportunities for students to experience both the challenges and gratification of rural medical practice and strives to establish working and learning partnerships among rural physicians, College of Medicine faculty and students.

The deadline is October 4. Send your nominations to

Press Release: Statement on COVID-19 in Arizona

The Arizona Chapter of the American College of Physicians (ACP-AZ) represents over 1500 internal medicine physicians in the state of Arizona, many of whom are currently working in our hospital systems throughout the state. ACP-AZ advises our state leaders to allow our schools, businesses, and government organizations to be allowed to follow the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Arizona Department of Health Services.

We have all witnessed the challenges our state and other states are having with providing hospital and critical care services due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic especially with the emergence of the Delta variant. The time to act is now to mitigate these effects and improve our ability to protect the people of Arizona. We know that the areas that are at the highest risk of transmission are indoor congregate settings such as our schools and universities. The two most important mechanisms to protect our students, teachers, and workers are masking and vaccination. With the recent full approval of the COVID-19 vaccine by the FDA we now have the data that shows vaccination is both safe and very effective at decreasing severe cases of COVID-19 leading to hospitalization and death.

We therefore recommend the following strategies be implemented and sustained during this period of increased transmission and hospitalization risk:

  • All students greater than 2 years old, school staff, volunteers and visitors should wear face masks while indoors at school unless medical or developmental conditions prohibit mask use. This will protect students who are not eligible to receive a vaccine and allow many parents to feel more comfortable sending their students to school.
  • Now that the vaccine is fully approved, the COVID-19 vaccination should be added to the required vaccinations for attending schools and universities for those who are eligible. (See ARS 15-871 to ARS 15-874). These statutes allow for certain exemptions for religious, personal and medical reasons.
  • Lastly, students and school staff should stay home when they have signs of any infectious illness and should see their physician for testing, care and timing for returning to school. Students should not be penalized when absent due to COVID-19 exposure and/or illness.

ACP-AZ leaders are available to consult with education leaders, public health officials and policymakers on specific recommendations for mitigating COVID-19 transmission and risks.

Time to Elect Our Arizona Chapter Governor-Elect


ACP Masters, Fellows, Members, and 2-year Resident/Fellow members in the Arizona Chapter will be electing a Governor-elect for the term beginning in 2022. The new Governor-elect will automatically assume the office of Governor in 2023, with the term expiring in 2027. 

The Executive Committee of the Board of Governors presents to the membership the following slate of candidates for Governor-elect in accordance with the ACP Bylaws:

Allan L. Markus, MD, FACP
Pamela C. Sullivan, MD, FACP

According to ACP Bylaws, additional candidates may be nominated by written petition signed by 5% (to a maximum of 40) of the members from the chapter entitled to vote in such elections. ACP number must be included with each signature on the petition.

Such petitions shall be delivered to the Executive Vice President of the College at the mailing address below to the attention of Darilyn V. Moyer, MD, FACP by August 24, 2021.

American College of Physicians
190 N. Independence Mall, West
Philadelphia, PA 19106-1572

The election shall be conducted by mail and web with all Masters, Fellows, Members, and 2-year Resident/Fellow members in the chapter entitled to vote. Ballots with voting instructions will be mailed and e-mailed to all eligible members after the deadline for petition has passed. The candidate receiving a plurality of the votes shall be elected.

Campaigning, defined as organized or planned actions for the purpose of soliciting votes for a particular candidate, is not in accordance with the philosophy and values of ACP and is not permitted. No form of campaigning is acceptable. Any action that is discovered to be in potential violation of this policy will be referred to the Governance Committee. The Governance Committee will determine appropriate consequences, which may include notifying the electorate that a violation of the policy had occurred.​

Medical Student Committee Call for Chair(s)

(August 2021) ACP Arizona Medical Student Committee Chair(s) Job Description

ACP is the professional organization for Internal Medicine physicians. Being involved with ACP’s state leadership is an outstanding way to exemplify leadership commitment and passion for the field as you move forward in your medical career.

As a co-chair you will get the opportunity to create an integrated community amongst medical students with similar interests across Arizona medical schools and have great support from our ACP professional staff. In past years, one medical student form Tucson and one from Phoenix have co-chaired this committee. This has worked well, but it is not necessarily a requirement.

Below are the main responsibilities of the co-chairs:

  •  Leading quarterly ACP medical student committee meetings. These are done by phone and Debbie Webber, the ACP Executive Director, typically makes the agenda   with our input, so the ACP co-chair responsibility is just leading the meeting and contributing to the agenda.
  • Assisting with the Journal Clubs twice per year
  • We have a fall and a spring Journal Club, organized by alternating medical schools’ IMIGs, but we help organize, coordinate and encourage participation.
  • Serving as the contact/liaison between medical school IMIGs and the ACP state organization
  • Encourage participation from each medical school in ACP as an organization and ACP events

Most recently, the Medical Student Committee operated successfully with three shared committee chair roles:

  1. Journal Club/Skills Session Chair: Coordinates fall and spring Journal Club meetings. Schedules, promotes and selects topics for Journal Club meetings. Also determines “host” school when applicable.
  2. Medical School Liaison Chair: Ensures up to date contact information for each medical school IMIG rep; schedules and emails members about quarterly ACP student leadership Zoom calls, writes meeting minutes. Encourages participation from schools that we have lost touch with. Promotes other ACP events to state-wide medical student community.
  3. Editor in Chief of ACP student newsletter: Quarterly (ideally) but biannual if necessary. Promotes submissions, assembles drafts of selected works and reviews editorials with Dr. Markus and other physicians willing to participate. Leads assistant editors.

Tenure: July 1 – June 30

Please submit a paragraph on why you would like each position along with a copy of your CV to current co-chair John Kim.

2021 Leadership Day Review

Dr. Shakaib Rehman, MD, FACP, Advocacy Committee Chair

(August 2021) On May 26, 2021, the Arizona chapter of the American College of Physicians (ACP) participated in the very successful and very first virtual ACP Leadership Day on Capitol Hill. The Arizona Chapter delegate included Drs. Shakaib Rehman, Anita Murcko, Timothy Fagan, Malvika Varma, Ricardo Correa, Shireen Jindani, Monika Kadri, and James Keane. The delegates met with the senators, congressional representatives of the state of Arizona along with the congressional staff members.

Shak Rehman MD, MACP, Chair of Advocacy committee emphasized the crucial role that advocacy plays in bringing issues that matter to Internists and most importantly to the patients and the community we serve. So many times, physicians working in trenches witness these stories of hardships that our patients and their families face. Participating in Leadership Day and advocating was an interesting learning experience where we found bipartisan consensus on issues such as lowering Drug pricing, increasing primary care workforce and expanding telehealth, etc.

The meetings were successful and the positive feedback from the senators and congressional representatives. The issues we discussed regarding the high cost of prescription drugs, graduate medical education training, student debt, and options regarding the affordable care act to expand coverage for poor Americans.

The senators and congressional representatives along with their staff members were interested in increasing the transparency and accountability in prescription drug pricing and approved access to lower cost generic medication. In addition, we received positive feedback in regards of sponsoring and support medical education training and debt relief for primary care physicians and other specialties facing shortages.

It was a two-day virtual event where Day 1 participants learn from seasoned Advocates about “Why and How of Advocacy” as well as recent legislations that Members of ACP are taking a stand on.

This is an Annual Event organized by American College of Physicians, where Medical Students, Residents and Physicians from all 50 states represent their states and bring forward the issues that we collectively feel are important to the community.

If you are interested in joining Next year’s National Annual ACP leadership event, mark your calendars for May 2022 and watch fpr emails from ACP. Also consider joining ACP Arizona Chapter Local capital event in Feb. 2022.

Other Advocacy Activities

The Advocacy committee has been very busy dealing with various that matter to Internists and most importantly to the patients. Committee members have worked with ACP national as well as various local and national organizations such as ArMA to help further ACP causes on behalf of internists. Advocacy committee has convened a very successful Leadership day at the Capitol Hill on May 26, 2021. If you are interested in joining Next year’s National Annual ACP leadership event, mark your calendars for May 2022. Advocacy committee invite all members to consider joining ACP Arizona State Capitol Hill event on Feb. 5th, 2022, instructions will be sent shortly.

ACP Arizona 2021 Poster Competition Timeline

(July 2021) The 2021 Poster Competition is virtual again in 2021. The noteworthy deadlines are below—detailed information will follow early this Fall.

Call for Abstracts Document Released October 1
Abstract/Media Links Due November 5
Winners Announced By November 30
Presenters must be:
  • A medical student in good standing at an Arizona Medical School – or
  • PGY1 to PGY3 resident in good standing at an Arizona IM residency program – and –
  • An ACP Arizona member (ACP# required to submit your abstract)

Additional reminders will be sent as the Call for Abstracts release date gets closer.