CME Grand Rounds Survey

For CME Grand Rounds at Alaska Native Medical Center, Alaska Regional Hospital, and Providence Hospital

This survey was conducted from 1/1/01 to 3/1/01, one year after initiation of the new grand rounds format administered in conjunction with the Alaska Chapter ACP. The survey was distributed to all members of the departments of medicine at the participating institutions and to attendees at grand rounds. The purpose of the survey was to get an overview of how the new Internal Medicine grand rounds format is perceived by our audience, above and beyond the individual evaluations of each lecture that were conducted separately.

The total number of respondents was 61. We did not attempt to separate the responses by institution, since our aim was to evaluate the program as a whole.

1. Compared to the Old Style, How Do You Rank Our Current Format? Chart

2. Since the New Grand Rounds Format Began On 1/1/00 are You More or Less Likely to Attend? Chart

3. How Free of Commercial Bias are the New Style Grand Rounds Compared to the Old Style? Chart

4. How Well are the Current Grand Rounds Meeting Your Educational Expectations and Needs? Chart

The survey also included a solicitation of suggestions for future grand rounds topics, and a space for general comments. It was particularly gratifying to receive quite a few suggestions for future programs. It has in the past been difficult to obtain suggestions from the audience for future programs.