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ACP International Meetings Update

Central American and Carribean Internal Medicine Congress
August 6-8, 2015

The Central American and Carribean Internal Medicine Congress was held August 6-8, 2015 in the Hotel Crowne Plaza in San Jose, Costa Rica. There were around 240 attendees at the meeting. The conference was endorsed by the ACP Central America Chapter. Chapter Governor, Aron Benzadon-Cohen, MD, FACP, was invited to speak at the meeting and gave a scientific lecture as well as a talk about the College.

Pictured, from left: Miguel Srur, MD, FACP, President, Costa Rican Association of Internal Medicine; Orlando Quesada Vargas, MD, FACP, Aron Benzadon-Cohen, MD, FACP, Governor, ACP Central America Chapter.

XXII Congreso Colombiano de Medicina Interna
ACP Colombia Chapter Meeting
August 14-16, 2015

The annual meeting of the ACP Colombia Chapter was held in conjunction with the Congreso Colombiano de Medicine Interna, August 14-16, 2015 in Monteria, Colombia. Dr. Aron Benzadon-Cohen, FACP, Governor of the ACP Central America Chapter, was invited to serve as the ACP International Ambassador to the meeting by Dr. Roberto Esguerra, FACP, Governor, ACP Colombia Chapter. Dr. Aquiles Salas, FACP, Governor, ACP Venezuela Chapter, and Dr. Martin Herrera-Cornejo, FACP, Governor, ACP Mexico Chapter, also served as invited speakers to the meeting.

There were around 1,000 attendees from local and national hospitals in Colombia.

Pictured, from left: Aron Benzadon-Cohen, MD, FACP, Governor, ACP Central America Chapter; Aquiles Salas, MD, FACP, Governor, ACP Venezuela Chapter; Wendy Rivera-Craig, ACP International Programs Administrator; Roberto Esguerra, MD, FACP, Governor, ACP Colombia Chapter; Martin Herrera-Cornejo, MD, FACP, Governor, ACP Mexico Chapter

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