ACP Welcomes New International Fellows

ACP is pleased to announce the following newly elected International Fellows, who were recommended by the Credentials Committee and approved for election by the Board of Regents as of July 1, 2019. They are listed by current location and may have been credentialed through a different Chapter.


Nazma Akter, MBBS, FACP

Abu Shahin M. Rahman, MBBS, FACP

Gazi Khan Md. Shahiduzzaman, MD, FACP

Central America

Mario A. Nitsch Montiel, MD, FACP


A.H.M. Feroz, MD, FACP

Prabhat Kumar Agrawal, MD, FACP

Sumeet Garg, MD, FACP

Amit Kumar Gupta, FACP

Prakash Keswani, MD, FACP

Venkataraman Nagarajan, MD, FACP

Mrinal Kanti Roy, MD, FACP

Mohit Saran, MD, FACP

Ashish Kumar Sharma, MD, FACP

Raman Sharma, MD, FACP


Katsuhiko Morimoto, MD, FACP

Takashi Nishida, MD, FACP

Keiichi Sumida, MD, PhD, FACP


Jorge O. Garcia-Mendez, MD, FACP


Cesar E. Orellana, MD, FACP

Ahraaz Wyne, MD, FACP


Jean-Paul Makhzoum, MD, FACP

Southeast Asia

Amgad Abadir Riad, MBBCH, FACP

Other Countries

Abdullah Al Alawi, MD, FACP – Australia

Dharampal Anand, MD, FACP – Australia

Graham Beacom, MBBS, FACP – Australia

Ala Ali, MBBS, FACP – Iraq

Maged M Ghanem, MBchB, FACP – United Arab Emirates

Gonapinuwala VTSK De Silva, MBBS, MD, FACP – Sri Lanka

Kalupahana Liyanage Ranjith, MD, FACP – Sri Lanka

Sheela Rathnayaka, MBBS MD, FACP – Sri Lanka

Tarik Mohammed Zedan, MBChB, FACP – Qatar

Christiane M. Minlo Ngono, MD, FACP – Cameroon

Phuong Luu, MD, FACP – USTH (Vietnam)


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